Airdate: Wire in the Blood: USA

7ABC2 will air Wire In The Blood: USA which sees Robson Green as Dr. Tony Hill in Texas.

This time the eccentric, clinical psychologist is as far away from the familiar streets of Bradfield, England, pitted against the might of the US legal system, sweltering heat…and even rattlesnakes.

Hill finds himself, a fish out of water, when he’s invited to Luther, Texas, as an expert witness in a case of family annihilation.

Known drug addict and Iraq combat vet, Darius Grady (Brad Hawkins), has confessed to brutally slaughtering his wife and two young children.

His defence team claim that Darius’s traumatic experiences in war left him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and he committed his crime while hallucinating – a mitigating factor that may spare him the death penalty.

As with the UK series, this is produced by Green’s own production company, Coastal Productions, to various territories around the world. Green even says crime is  a particular favourite of women.

This series airs 8:30pm Tuesday, 11th August on ABC2.


  1. this is actually a one off – the ABC will air it over 2 weeks.

    This is also the last ever Wire in the Blood, too – i’m amazed that the ABC is putting it on ABC2 – it was a very high rating show on ABC1.

    …and looking at the ABC1 schedule this year, it’s hard to believe they can’t find room for it…

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