Charlotte Dawson to co-host Contender Australia

cdAfter stepping into the breach for 2008’s live grand final of Australia’s Next Top Model, Charlotte Dawson is rewarded with another hosting gig, this time the upcoming reality boxing battle, The Contender Australia.

She is one of two hosts for the FOX8 series.

Produced by Granada Productions, the Australian version will feature 14 professional super middle weight boxers who compete over a six week period for the inaugural title. It will be the first time the Mark Burnett series will be hosted by a woman.

Charlotte Dawson said: “I am going from fashion to fisticuffs! In some ways it’s spookily similar to Top Model, except the fights on this series will be in a ring.

“I am thrilled to work on the series, the world of boxing is an enigma to many people and these men have true passion for their sport and some amazing stories behind them.

Foxtel’s Brian Walsh, said: “Charlotte is one of the most accomplished presenters on Australian television. Her experience across many genres of programming and honesty in telling it like it is makes her a perfect choice for this role.”

Production begins in August. Dawson’s co-host will be announced in the next few weeks.


  1. U kidding? Charlotte is perfect for this show, she is as tough as guts and probably knows more about boxing than we think she does. I’m looking forward to this starting and even my hubby as told me to tape it if he isn’t back from overseas by the time it starts.

  2. I agree with “speaker of Truth’s” comment above. Not the first time a female has co-hosted an MBP Contender series. Jaymee Ong (Australian actress and model based in Singapore) did co-host The Contender Asia – the Muay Thai version shot in Singapore (as opposed to the regular “Contender” boxing series) .

  3. This seems a strange decision for me not because she’s a woman but what does she know about boxing. Any chance her co-host could be Danny Green or Kostya Tszyu. I’m looking forward to this series.

  4. Speakeroftruth

    “It will be the first time the Mark Burnett series will be hosted by a woman.”

    I have only seen one series of the show which was The Contender Asia which was co-hosted by a woman named Jaymee Ong.

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