Domestic Blitz back before the cam

dbDespite some speculation earlier this year, Domestic Blitz is back in production at Nine.

The Australian reports that Richard Reid let slip during the Today show, commenting last week that he had to remain in Australia while Michael Jackson was being farewelled in LA.

The show finished production some months ago, surprising some staff who began making hurried calls looking for work. But Nine denied at the time the show was over, promising a return.

It seems they were right.

Last year it was a big hit for Nine. More recently, Random Acts of Kindness has encroached upon its turf, spreadin’ the goodwill and the renovations.

Either way Scott Cam seems pretty assured of work -he appears on both.

Source: The Australian


  1. Hi Team,
    We luv watching your show even though we shread a tear or 2 we just think its wonderful to see people that help others get reconised.

    We loved your water feature on your show last week and was wondering if you could send it to us.

  2. Scott Cam mentioned he was making new episodes of Domestic Blitz on his spot with 2UE’s Steve Price about 3 weeks ago. More old news from The Australian.

  3. Its almost the highest rating show they have got……Its sad but they may as well make more; its one of the only programs that worked on Sundays for them this year the rest sunk.

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