Today beats Sunrise, Making It launches to 474,000.

Today marks first win in over three years. New 10 reality show lands fourth in its timeslot.

The Today Show has beaten Sunrise for the first time in over three years.

Today was 248,000 metro viewers to Sunrise‘s 237,000 -the first win since Karl Stefanovic & Alison Langdon paired as anchors at the top of 2020.

Numbers have been narrowing between the two shows for some weeks, some days just less than 5000 between them. Yet a day earlier Sunrise had a victory at 55,000 in front. News Breakfast had 127,000 / 79,000 metro yesterday.

Meanwhile The Block also won at 810,000 then SAS Australia (654,000), 7:30 and Hard Quiz (both 601,000) with Making It premiering low at 474,000.

Later Paramedics won its slot at 472,000 then Rosehaven (467,000), Question Everything (463,000) and RFDS (417,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 29.3% then Seven 28.3%, 10 17.4%, 10 17.0% and SBS 8.1%.

Nine News drew 1.02m / 976,000 for Nine. A Current Affair was 722,000 then Hot Seat (521,000 / 328,000). In select cities were Footy Classified (161,000) and Kings Cross ER (125,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.07m / 1.04m. Home & Away was 604,000 then The Chase 571,000 / 347,000. The Rookie was 185,000.

ABC News won its slot at 725,000. Would I Lie to You? (281,000) and The Drum (190,000) followed.

The Project pulled 460,000 / 251,000. 10 News First was 340,000 / 251,000. Bull persists with  181,000 / 138,000.

On SBS it was Tony Robinson’s World by Rail (224,000), SBS World News (202,000 / 175,000), Looking for Life on Mars (133,000) and War of the Worlds (82,000).

ABC News Mornings (which appears to have replaced a COVID Update) led multichannels at 138,000.

In Total TV lifts last Wednesday :

Rosehaven: 866,000
RFDS: 1.07m
The Block: 1.4m
Mirror Mirror: 909,00

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 15 September 2021.

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  1. Seems strange networks keep trying these niche shows like Making it, Pooch Perfect etc that might do well in other countries (maybe with much larger populations so they pick up more sustainable numbers of viewers?) but don’t seem to do well here at all except maybe on pay tv where they might survive with lower numbers. Hopefully if people want a variety of shows on tv they support different offerings such as this.

  2. Poor Neighbours, denied the multichannel top spot twice this week and yesterday by 2000 viewers.

    Wonder if making it will grow. It most likely won’t feature on Gogglebox until next week for that exposure (considering last night they both aired at the same time) but I saw on Twitter it was trending 2 to rave reviews.

    Block ahead of the pack now

  3. Drama benefits from the 7 day TV lifts.
    Both Rosehaven & RFDS up significantly – proving people prefer to watch reality live but with drama they watch later.
    Drama does rate well but how we watch it is changing.
    I can relate to this – not enough time during the week but I love to catch up on my dramas on the weekend.

    1. Yes, I was wondering about that. I don’t normally watch the breakfast shows, but was that morning, and when I saw he was a guest, I switched over. They’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to wring the last drops of drama out of this Markle claptrap.

  4. Surprised that Making It debuted to such a low number – it was trending #2 all night. Am hoping that it’s going to be a sleeper as it is the most wholesome, funny, delightful show. I was a little sceptical about an Australian version but the producers have got it 100% right – Susie & Harley, as hosts, have great chemistry and the contestants have the right mix of quirky, regular & heart warming.
    If you didn’t see it, maybe check it out on catch up 🙂

  5. Sunrise is trash these days and the daily quiz thing with Sam Mac is so cringe. I don’t like Karl either but that show is much easier to watch. I’ve actually swapped brekkie shows this week for the first time in so long. Its on in the background, its not like i sit down and watch but yeah. I honestly find Kochie toxic.

    Sad to see RFDS come 4th in its timeslot 🙁 The drama is awesome and has such a great cast. I hope Seven give it a season 2. It also didn’t help it started at 9pm either and they keep swapping and changing it around. We started at 8:30pm then 8:40pm then had a double episode now we’re at 9pm. It kind of sucks to be honest. This is why people find it hard to sit down and watch dramas in this country because they’re always moving them around to suit their reality crap (and this applies to all networks).

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