Gone: Trouble in Paradise

There's trouble for Nine's Trouble in Paradise, dumped after just three episodes.

trouble-in-paradiseNine has yanked its new travel story series off air after just three episodes.

Across its three weeks the show managed 1.16m / 1.09m and 871,000 viewers. Its lead in from Getaway last night was 1.21m.

Last night Nine lost its all-important Thursday night to Seven. But all the networks took a hit with SBS screening the Ashes series and managing a 14% share.

The Footy Show plummeted to 785,000, most of which went to the AFL edition. The NRL version slumped to an appalling 138,000 in Sydney. It continues to be immune from any axe because of Nine’s NRL branding and it is known to be a favourite of David Gyngell’s.

Trouble in Paradise wasn’t a poorly produced show, so Nine probably picked the wrong format or should never have slated it after Getaway. It replaces it with new eps of 20 to 1, now set to air twice a week.

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  1. @RichoTB: We’ll have to politely agree to disagree on that one.

    As for nine, I cannot believe how impatient they are with new shows! They did the same with “You Saved My Life’, the only other show ive watched on nine this year.

    I also can guarantee you that the programme they replace it with won’t rate as high.

    In fact, the rumours are that nine will replace it with a 20 to 1 special on great shows that were axed, apparently 19 of the 20 shows in the count down aired on the nine network.

    Unlike their 2008 slogan, Channel 9 does not love tv.

  2. I’m glad this crap was axed, anyone who found it interesting should go out and get some taste. There’s always Border Security and Customs available for the bogans who miss this show anyway.

  3. Like paull trouble in paradise was the only show I watched on 9 it was a good show people wont bother watching new shows on 9 anymore because they know they will be axed

    David have you ever thought about taking over as head of channel 9 you would run it so much better than they do

  4. nooooo!

    This is literally the only show I watch on nine, and as an added bonus, it’s the only show I watch without taping (so in otherwords, I’m actually watching nine’s ads). I cannot believe this! This was a great show and I’ve looked forward to it each thursday night for the last 3 weeks, sure they shouldn’t have put it on after getaway, but it needs to come back!

  5. David, can we just assume that every new show Nine put on will be axed. That will save you writing up an article every week for whatever show Nine decides to axe that week. Seemed stupid having Getaway telling to people to take all these lovely holidays, followed by a program telling people to avoid all these holidays. Strange programming decision.

  6. nine clearly have no patience, like andrew b said you need more than 3 week to tell if a show is successful or not and like other’s have said what happens if 20 to 1 rated lower.it also it was a stupid idea to air this straight after getaway.

  7. It made me laugh when I tuned into this show for its premiere episode. They’d just had a major story on Peru on Getaway which featured a big competition for a holiday to South America. This was followed by the 1st story on Trouble In Paradise about a family that was kidnapped at gunpoint and held ransom….in Peru.
    Bet the 1900 competition number went quiet after that!

  8. @bogues – and agrees.
    Rush on Ten is the way to go for me.
    Nine is just a laughing stock and every time they dump a programme, you are guaranteed to see Bert and 20-1 or Charlie and 2 and half wits there.

  9. Ever heard of letting a show build? Of course its going to rate low. its up against the Ashes and final eps of Grey’s Anatomy. Let it run a few weeks when programming on 7 and 10 settle, then see. 20-1 is not going to do any better. What if 20-1 scores 800k or lower? What next 9?

    This is precisely why all shows on 9 fail. What’s the point of a viewer giving something a go if its going to be off after a few weeks.

  10. “Trouble in Paradise wasn’t a poorly produced show, so Nine probably picked the wrong format…”

    It’s a show that relies on first hand interviews and reenactments…..we’re not living in 1992, we’re passed reenactments forming the basis for a program. I think it’s the wrong timeslot and the wrong format. Am I watching CrimeStoppers? These “stories” could have happened 15 years ago (they’re all one-sided, no counterbalance to their honesty) and chances are the Australians involved made it out alive to retell their their story down the barrel…no tension required!

  11. Honestly this show was a load of crap. This show poorly showed what happened to people who don’t read up about their destinations before they leave or read travel advice. None of which is addressed in the show. It was more of an extended episode of ACA or TT.

  12. This was a okay idea put in a stupid time-slot. I mean who wants to go from watching what nice holidays you can have to a show with the worst of stories about what can go wrong!

    It seems they can’t take a trick, now they are suffering with SBS and the Ashes.

  13. It was going to tank in that time slot when Rush starts at 8:30pm next Thursday. At least the people that want dumbed down telly will have 20 to 1. The rest of us will have Rush.

    I’m not sure if there are stats on this, but nine seem to have the worst record of any network this year of not showing a series in the same time slot for start to finish. Underbelly 1, Cold Case, Big Bang, Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, CSI NY, CSI Miami, Without a Trace, Fringe, L2L, Mentalist, homeMADE, Trouble in Paradise and the list goes on. 2.5 men and 20 to 1 only have limited lifespans (neither which I watch)

  14. To be honest, last night I watched it for the first time and was questioning the truth behind it to extreme levels. I mean the two stories they put on last night – the first was believable but the second was absolutely ridiculous.

    These two guys went from being captured in the Columbian forest for eight months, waiting for letters that were never sent requesting 5 million dollars from their families to return with the money. Nothing was mentioned about torture or food. After these people who captured them apparently talked about how they would kill the two men for months they just let them walk and somehow these two were lost in the middle of nowhere and I quote “and a week later we were back in England.”

    Surely it is only loosely based on real life issues?

  15. this is very disappointing, i and the rest of my family have watch this show each week and found it very interesting. do you know david how many more eps were produced and what happened to them.

  16. 20 to 01 again?? Good lord.

    I watched a bit of Trouble in Paradise last night – just the first story. It wasn’t terrible and there wasn’t much else on (although there was a bit of a all in brawl during the boxing on ONE that I read about today). Shame it wasn’t given a better run. Its premiere ep is still sitting on my PVR too, come to think of it..

  17. i didn’t watch it but 871 is not that bad for a thursday, i would have waited atleast until there was no ashes. do they think more people will watch 20to1 when it is up against double take.

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