On board Air Force One

afoSeven has a US doco in the pipeline to air in early August.

Air Force One takes viewers on board the Presidential plane for a look at how the plane operates and the staff that make up this mammoth transportation.

The doco was filmed during the Bush era, but ends with the first arrival of Obama onto Air Force One, when he was taken to Washington to begin the handover of government.

It also details how the plane and the President reacted during the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Update: Confirmed for 7:30pm Monday Aug 10.


  1. Yeah, saw it on nat geo aswell. Cool doco, the bush interviews are lol moments! I think this might be in the 7.30 monday slot, with the hudson plane crash the week before? Could be where seven puts Air Crash Investigations in the future

  2. Has this already aired on one of Foxtel’s documentary channels? I watched something that sounds strikingly similar – if not exactly the same – a few weeks ago on, I think, National Geographic.

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