Returning: East West 101

7990259It’s still a long way off, September in fact… but one one our best local dramas is on its way back to SBS.

East West 101 will screen from 8:30pm Tuesday September 29th.

The unfortunate, even bizarre, scheduling will put the show against Seven’s Packed to the Rafters.

While SBS might be hoping the shows carry different audiences, it’s not doing itself any favours by going against such a broady popular show.

In the second series, a joint task force is formed between the squad and an intelligence agency after a car bomb goes off that many believe is the work of Islamic extremists. Detective Malik (Don Hany) has his doubts and truth.

Don Hany will resume the lead role as Zane Malik, the Muslim detective struggling to balance his work with his cultural and religious beliefs in a unit led by Inspector Patricia Wright played by Susie Porter. Other key cast to return for the second series include Aaron Fa’aoso (Detective Sonny Koa), Daniela Farinacci (Detective Helen Callas) and Renee Lim (Constable Jung Lim).

Noticeably absent from the list is one William McInnes, who personified the ‘west’ so well.

The series will introduce a number of new characters including Gerald Lepkowski who plays Agent Skeritt, an intelligence officer working alongside Malik, and Gyton Grantley as Inspector Wright’s shady sibling.

Prior to launching the second series, SBS will screen the first, from August 18th.


  1. Loved it…but will be recording it. But where would you put it? 9:30 is too late to find an audience without a good lead in (SBS a good lead in?).

    8:30 Monday – Sea Patrol
    8:30 Tuesday – PTTR
    8:30 Wednesday – RPA (Nine) Chaser (ABC1)
    8:30 Thursday – Rush and maybe City Homicide?

    I think they probably could’ve got a better demo 8:30 Mondays

  2. Does anyone knwo the music they’re playing when promo’ing the 2nd series? It’s quite an attention grabbing tune & I would like to buy thier album/single if possible?

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t William McInnes’s character die at the end of season 1? So why is everyone so disappointed that he isn’t returning for season 2?

    [I for one think it’s a shame they killed him off, I love William McInnes!]

  4. I watched it the first time, and loved it. Dony Hany is great in it, and was William McInnes. A shame McInnis isn’t in it this time around. And is Gerald Lepkowski the guy who was in The Dirt Game on the ABC recently?

  5. I really hope they change the timeslot. Looks like I’ll have to record it. The first series was awesome. Am disappointed William McInnes won’t return. He was sensational in his role. Great quality Aussie drama.

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