Airdate: Beached Az

A cheeky YouTube hit about a beached whale is coming to the ABC as an animated series.

beachedazA YouTube hit is coming to the ABC as an animated series.

Beached Az will follow the success of a cheeky online clip, “Beached Whale,”  by Aussie creators Jarod, Nick and Anthony (Macca) of The Handsomity Institute.

The clip shows a whale beached in New Zealand, complete with a thick local accent.

The ABC has commissioned an 11 part digital animation series which will open out to include the bizarre range of wildlife the whale meets.

It will premiere online from Thursday 20th August, followed by broadcasts on 9.25pm Thursday 10th September on ABC2.

It will also screen later on ABC1.

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  1. This has to be a joke?

    If not, I’m willing to sell ABC a YouTube video of my cat, Seahorse, falling asleep for $1. At last count, it’s got 235 views, one low rating, no comments & runs for two minutes…

  2. I have a friend Rick who talks exactly like that, all the time. This sounds just like a conversation between Rick and his brother Ollie. I have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time – I don’t think anyone does. Kiwis they’re so funny

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