Airdate: Better Off Ted

better-off-tedBetter Off Ted, the comedy about a guy who runs research and development at a morally questionable multinational, will debut in September on the Comedy Channel.

The series, from ABC in the US, stars Jay Harrington as Ted, a single dad to a seven-year-old girl who oversees two research scientists Lem and Phil, and a head tester Linda, for whom he has romantic feelings. He’s already had his self imposed “one office affair” with überboss Veronica (Portia de Rossi).

After the company cryonically freezes one of the research scientists, Ted begins to question the company’s objectives and morals. As you do….

Throughout the show, Ted also breaks the fourth wall by giving monologues to the camera to narrate his own life and explain the show’s events.

The show has already been renewed by ABC.

It premieres at 9pm Monday September 7th following the debut of 30 Seconds.


  1. Seen the ads for the show on Comedy looks funny as, Foxtel is raising the bar with the Comedy Channel the shows it gets I can remember two or three years ago all they had on the channel were shows that were cancelled, and only showed two or three episodes in the US.

    The best part is more Aussie shows like 30 seconds, Whatever Happened to That Guy, and The Merrick & Rosso Show.

    Does anyone know what happened to Stand Up Australia?

  2. This is a fantastic show, and I wish it made it to an FTA channel here, like Go! It’s not often a sitcom is “laugh out loud” funny, but this one has me in stitches. It’s so quirky. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time is in episode 13 (finale), the montage of Veronica and her father, especially the frisbee scene. LOL! You’ll see what I mean.

  3. I found it weird they renewed it but kept running it over the US summer, normally not a good sign. Ted is better than Gary Unmarried IMO, pity thats not reflected in the ratings…

  4. The first two episodes are not great, but the rest of the season is mostly hilarious. This was easily the best new show to come from US network TV last season.

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