Denton’s ABC Project retitled

adExclusive: Andrew Denton’s next project, Project NEXT, has been retitled to Hungry Beast.

Earlier this year the show put out the call for people aged 18-30 to work as reporters, producers, camera/directors, editors, graphic artists, researchers and web content producers.

Leaning heavily (though not exclusively) towards documentary, factual, news and current affairs, Zapruder’s Other Films has been scouring the land for “the next generation” of Australian broadcasters, in both on-air and off-air talent.

Hungry Beast will be a 10 part half hour series to screen on ABC1, ABC2, the web, mobile phones and online.

Denton is an executive producer of the series and is not expected to appear in the show.

Updated: Premieres on ABC1 at 9pm, and also as a daily web program, from 30 September 2009 and available on iView from midnight on Wednesday 30 September. To be shown on ABC2 from Thursday 1 October at 8.30pm. A weekly, topical TV show and daily web program, Hungry Beast is a new look at the world based on one instruction: Tell us something that we don’t know.


  1. @Nick: Race Around The World? It launched on-air talent such as John Safran, Olivia Rousset, Bentley Dean, Kim Traill, & Tony Wilson, and several others who went on to work behind the scenes in TV & movies.

  2. Excellent idea and good to see a show harnassing talent without humiliating people beforehand – thank god we won’t have to witness marcia rolling her eyes behind a desk pretending to feel sorry for someone or dicko telling some poor devil he looks like a ‘tit’.

    Well done Denton and thanks David for bringing this story to our attention!

  3. This could be fun, although I reckon ‘Project Next’ had a better feel to it than ‘Hungry Beast’. One sounds futuristic and innovative and the other sounds like a documentary on jungle animals.

  4. Wow, so negative! We don’t even know what the hell this show is all about, so how can you guys call failure?

    I think it’ll be quite good, if not great, with Denton behind it. Just look to Gruen Transfer and that comedy he has on Foxtel which I am yet to see (30 seconds??)…

    Either way – I will give it a whirl.

  5. Yeah, I like Denton but when has a ‘nation wide search’ ever produced decent on air talent? I mean, Guy Sebastian is a f-grade celebrity because of a nation wide search. And come to think of it, the term ‘nation wide search’ is s**t….

  6. This seems like it will be a good show! It is good they have come over their ‘THIS Afternoon’ syndrome by getting rid of the NEXT in the title. But I am not too sure about the title ‘Hungry Beast’. Did they want to distance themself to the similar-skewing ‘7PM Project’? Hopefully, they have success in producing a quality show even if it does not rate too well – God knows the 7PM Project has failed to do both.

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