Julie Goodwin, cover gal.

jgMasterChef Australia champ Julie Goodwin has had the Women’s Weekly makeover treatment.

In a pic similar to that taken for Magda Szubanski, the reality winner is now a columnist for the mag, ahead of her book to be published next year.

“It was so much fun and everyone was just so nice and made me feel so comfortable,” Goodwin told news.com.au.

“They all went to so much effort and even had a blowing machine sweeping back my hair.”

It’s quite a change for the Central Coast mum who slaved over the kitchen every night on our television screens. Nothing wrong with being spoiled every once in a while…but don’t go changing!

Story / photo: Herald Sun


  1. The amount of retouching here is disgusting. God forbid we’d have a real woman with, I dunno, a wrinkle and a little cushion on the front of a magazine.

    It doesn’t even look like her.

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