Nine News to unveil new Melbourne set

Nine News in Melbourne reveals a new-look set -its first major overhaul in years.

nnNine News in Melbourne will unveil a new-look set from 6pm tonight.

TV Tonight hears the news team has been rehearsing on a new set for a few weeks in a separate studio. The overhaul is the first it has undergone in several years.

While the Sydney news with Peter Overton recently underwent a makeover, Melbourne’s news with Peter Hitchener has had a blue graphic image of the Melbourne skyline (pictured).

Despite this, it remains Nine’s most competitive bulletin. Melbourne’s fickle audience is known for shifting between Seven and Nine news much to the frustration of its baffled news editors. The theories as to why are so sensitive few will even discuss them for fear of giving their rival an edge.

With an improving lead-in from Hot Seat, the race to win 6pm in Melbourne is certainly stepping up a notch.

Gallery: Nine News Melbourne.

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  1. what Nine news Melbourne really needs is a new presenter, Peter Hitchener has too many inappropriate grins for starters, as for Grant Hackett, probably one of the worst presenters i”ve ever seen, wooden & you can see his eyes reading the cuesheet…

  2. Looks great.. Melbourne really needed a new set that blue key was gettiing very annoying after years of the same old, same old. Looks similar to the Sydney set with some minor differences. But well done looks great Nine.

  3. As a Victorian, I prefer ten news.
    If forced to choose between Seven and Nine, Seven gets the nod
    As others have mentioned Nine has the walking puppet Grant Hackett and heir decisions to have presenters stand up is just silly. It looks un natural.
    Another reason I avoid Nine news is “cross promotion and their never ending exclusives…
    N.B. Could not care less about background set, get the news stories and presenters right.

  4. Hi David. Any word on Brisbane. When they were at the Ekka Broadcast Centre, the team sat behind a very similar news desk to that of the Sydney desk. The key set is very tired here in Brisbane.

  5. A new set isn’t going to make their bland news any better. And Grant Hackett should not be on Nine news, he looks like a deer in headlights and doesn’t come across well as news presenter.

  6. How about some hard hitting news, Nine? Seven news is too negative and Nine news is too vague; I only watch it for Lavinia’s weather. You realise just how much they don’t cover when you watch ABC news.

  7. i usual watch nine news during the week after hotseat although i always watch seven news instead on the weekend,as having jo hall and grant hacket stand just doesn’t seem right to me and looks very uncomfortable almost like their in such a rush they dont have time to sit down lol. plus i don’t really like grand hackeet as a sports reader in general, it takes more than being well know and a former sport person to be a good presenter.

  8. i like the seven set with the background of the Melbourne skyline from docklands, it nice seeing the sky change as the sun sets. obviously not a reason to chose seven over nine, but still a nice addition. i assume Sydney nine news has the skyline in the background as well like the late news. it is interesting how Melbourne viewers are not exclusive viewer or either seven or nine, im guessing cause the are both generally just as good as the other.

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