Returning: Who Do You Think You Are?

jerry-springerThe always-fascinating genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? returns to SBS, 7:30pm Sunday August 16th.

This will be the UK series, before the local version returns. The first subject is US TV host, Jerry Springer, who is actually London born.

Springer retraces the steps of his grandmothers who were both tragically murdered in the Holocaust. Not only does he not know what happened to them or where they died, but with their deaths, all knowledge of the Springer family roots was lost.

Facing Nazi documents is almost as shocking as the stunts Springer pulls on his shows.


  1. I was moved to tears yet so glad for Jerry that he was able to find out so much. I thought the whole journey he was on was very well handled and presented. We viewers could not have wished for better.

  2. the Springer “Who Do You Think You Are?” is pretty much the best episode of the show ever.

    when it aired in the UK, I said that kids should watch it in school, and its something I still believe.

  3. It’s actually a very good episode. Springer is a very emotional man and the revelations he finds out about his family members and the holocaust are moving and very sad. The ending of this one is very good and uplifting for him.

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