Top Gear, top stacks.

tgaWhen Top Gear Australia first started many viewers commented that the presenters were trying too hard to mimic the UK trio. Charlie Cox was supposedly Jeremy Clarkson, Warren Brown was apparently James May and Steve Pizzati was said to be too much like Richard Hammond.

If there’s any truth in that, it seems Pizzatti may have taken the likeness one step too far. At least, the parallels are hard to ignore after a stack on the weekend saw the TGA presenter involved in an accident at Sydney’s Eastern Creek raceway yesterday.

Pizzati was a guest driver in the Aussie Racing Cars super series when his car flipped two and a half times in the air.

“On the last lap the two guys in front of me banged wheels and hit me,” he told “I’ve got caught up in it and it’s caused me to flip – I guess you would say two and a half times, because the car’s ended up on its roof.”

Thankfully he walked away with just a headache and a sore neck.

Meanwhile Richard Hammond was involved in a four-car pile-up near his home on Saturday, which trashed a $220,000 1930s-style Morgan AeroMax.

Hammond was reportedly shaken but uninjured in the accident, which is a lot more than his infamous 2006 crash.

A spokesman for the BBC confirmed the presenter had been in an accident.

“Richard was involved in a minor collision and nobody was hurt,” he said.

Source:, Telegraph


  1. Funny how trashing a $220k car and it’s a minor collision LOL

    Good thing they are both okay, any news on when TGA is coming back. I see next week they are continuing with Series 3 and just 3 eps to go, so 4 weeks time for the latest TG UK?

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