Airdate: The Urban Monkey With Murray Foote

8Ok you can stop looking at his shorts now.

ABC has a new series on Murray Foote, animal warrior, conservationist, scientist, recording artist, good bloke and ladies man.

Part Alby Mangels, Steve Irwin, Harry Butler and The Bush Tucker Man in 1987, Murray was fronted his own television program, The Urban Monkey, which unfortunately was lost, and then rediscovered recently in a garage in suburban Melbourne.

ABC2 will screen the 11-part fully restored interstitials from Monday 14 September at 8.55pm.

From human babies to reptiles and loads of four-legged, cute, warm-blooded creatures thrown into the mix, Murray traces the ‘Oval of Life’ and radically attempts to draw parallels between the human and animal world.

Conception, Birth, Survival, Home, Knowledge, Friends, Love, Boredom, Battles and Death are just some of the major themes explored in this cult documentary series.

Murray Foote (ladies man) is joined on his journey by fellow scientific Urban Monkey volunteers – Keith and Lee Anne, and also the very serious verging on broken, Ranger Tim.

During the first episode, Conception, Murray Foote, animal warrior, conservationist, scientist, musical recording artist and good bloke, introduces us to the ‘Oval of Life’ and its first stop: Conception.

The Urban Monkey With Murray Foote will be repeated on ABC1, Friday, October 02 at 11:10pm


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