Denyer to narrate Destroyed in Seconds

destroyed_in_secondsSomewhat ironically, Grant Denyer has been chosen to re-voice Seven’s new series with collisions, devastation and implosions, Destroyed in Seconds.

Denyer was famously injured in a monster truck collison last year and regularly partakes in motor racing events.

The series, produced for the Discovery Channel, has already aired here on Pay TV with its original narrator, Ron Pitts.

Destroyed In Seconds is a gob-smacking program that has you constantly asking ‘how on earth did that happen?'” says Grant Denyer.

“If it’s broken, blown up, caught on fire, flipped over or fallen down – it’s here! All from the safety of your own couch. It’s immensely refreshing to show off some fairly sticky situations and know that I’m in no way responsible or involved!

“I’m not one to cheer others misfortune but gee its hard to look away when you’re watching the most amazing situations turn from bad to worse. It’s gut wrenching stuff.”

Seven originally slated the series to begin tonight in some cities, but it will now premiere on Monday October 5 at 8:00pm on Seven.


  1. i like how Seven says s**t like “we are bringing you the action from around the world, etc etc” but all they are doing is re-cutting an old series which has already played about 3 times on Foxtel. Grant Denyer is about as exciting as cotton wool compared to Ron Pitts. He has managed to make an exciting show boring.
    Pathetic free to air – die soon please.

  2. Can someone please tell Grant Denyer the correct way to say accellarate. It’s Not Eggzellerate…. Most annoying. Considering his motor sport background, he should know this word.
    I suppose I’ll just have to Eggzept (accept) it! LOL.

  3. Well suppose Seven got to use Grant his not doing much else at network apart from some guest reporting on Sunday Night,getting paid big bucks and not doing much.

  4. Anthony Sullivan

    Thanks for posting the article-anmd mentioning Ron Pitss (who does the narration for this show on the Discovery Channel)-it’ll be interesting to see Grant Denyer doing the narration for the show for 7.

  5. That Simpsons quote was from ‘Lisa the Simpson,’ in which Lisa accepts she is turning stupid and joins Homer and Bart to watch ‘When Buildings Collapse’ and ‘When Surgery Goes Wrong.’

    ‘Destroyed in Seconds’ says a lot about what Channel Seven thinks of their audience.

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