Foxtel: “Watch what you want, when & where you want”

Foxtel will launch 30 new channels in HD, SD and timeshift, a Download service, new programming grid, new record and search features, and new Active features.

IQ2Foxtel will launch 30 new channels on November 15th in HD, SD and timeshift, a free Download service from October 1st, a new programming grid, new record and search features, more movies, and new Active feature in News and Weather.

New pricing packs, described as iQ Value packs, ofer subscribers two choices: build your own package (starting price $42) and add an iQ (+$10) or take an iQ Value pack (starting price $72) that includes an iQ for free. The top price for full iQ platinum is $135.

CEO Kim Williams announced the features boasting a philosophy of “Watch what you want, when & where you want” puts it ahead of free to air television that dictates its programming to viewers.

“Foxtel Next Generation and the iQ Value Pack options mean every subscriber will get an iQ for free, forever changing the way they experience television,” he said.

“Having an iQ, powered by Next Generation, means there are three viewing options for every television program, special event or movie – watch it live, watch it On Demand, or watch it recorded to the iQ. Foxtel Next Generation now makes it truly possible to watch what you want, when you want and with our new Foxtel download service, where you want.”

Amongst its new features are:

• There will be 30 new channel choices including themed movie channels, new sports and documentary channels, and tailored general entertainment channels.
• The 12 new channels brands are LifeStyle YOU, 13TH STREET, The Style Network, Eurosport, KidsCo, FMC, STARPICS, showtime action, showtime comedy, showtime drama, Discovery Turbo MAX and Nat Geo Wild.
• Foxtel HD+ will be home to 15 High Definition channels – including four dedicated HD sports channels and six new HD movie channels.
• The 10 new HD channels are FOX Sports 1HD, 2HD and 3HD, FOX8 HD, W HD, Movie One HD, showcase HD, showtime action HD, showtime premiere HD, Starpics 1HD and 2HD, and UKTV HD.
• A brand new movie service with 16 dedicated movie channels tailored by genre with no advertising interruptions to any movie, ever.
• Foxtel is also introducing eight new timeshift channels, these are 111 HITS +2, Discovery Channel +2, Discovery Turbo MAX +2, LifeStyle FOOD Channel +2, LifeStyle YOU +2, SCI FI +2, showcase two and Starpics+2.
• New iQ Value packs that gives subscribers two choices – build your own package and add an iQ or take an iQ Value pack that includes an iQ for free.
• Australia’s best download service, Foxtel Download – a Freecatch-up television service for subscribers at www.Foxtel.com.au/download
• A new Foxtel Guide for iQ and updated guide for iQ2.
• New search functionality with an interactive TV Guide feature called iSuggest for iQ and iQ2 subscribers.
• Immediate recording details of favourite shows for iQ and iQ2 subscribers with Record Me, which sends shows straight to the iQ Planner simply by pressing the Green button on the remote during a show’s promo.
• Movies On Demand – A new Foxtel Box Office with up to 40 recent release movies to choose from at any one time.
• New SKY News Local Active screens for each of Australia’s five capital cities and improved Weather Active.

The Download service will offer 100 hours of new programming every week.

Foxtel Active services will expand, adding Sky News Local with city based news services for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The Weather Channel will add a new active element with new features.

All existing IQs will have a new IQ digital guide from November 15th, with enhanced search functions and personal planners.

Foxtel New Generation site.

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  1. What I want to know is why 111 did not play the last five episodes of “The Wonder Years”, the first episode (Pilot) started today and the last 5 episodes did not air?

    Have been searching for this info and here it is finally.

    111 HITS new time-shift channel is HITS 2 & from 15/11/2009 it’ll be on FOXTEL channel 161! It’s time-shift, but not at all shifty!

    I guess the others start this month as well

  2. So not everyone gets 7?… have had it for over a year in Sydney on Satellite (Digital)
    What I want to know is when will we get the new time shift channels … looking forward to 111 Hits time shift.

  3. I don’t even care if Foxtel has to get rid of the Foxtel Box Office Preview channel and rename MTV! Whatever happens just make it happen! Foxtel doesn’t need to have a 24 hour wrestling channel! All the wrestling that used to air on FOX8 should now be able to aired on Main-Event. Here’s what the channels should be: MTV on channel 120, MTV Hits on channel 808 and TMF on channel 812.

  4. I dont think there we will see Skynews UK in Fullscreen as large number of expats would tune into it rather than regular sky news and the advertising revenue would see a hit… Although my Mrs leaves it on the active most of the time even in small screen…

  5. Anyone else noticed that Foxtel Download is very, very, very hard to get working? For me at least. Took me 2 hours to figure out the winning combo is:

    Windows (obviously), plus Internet Explorer (no firefox). plus you must accept all unsecure items about 2 times for every file download. I also have to restart my computer after adding each single file.

    Why isn’t this as easy to use as iView?

    Foxtel Download is officially a dog in my book.

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