Gordon Ramsay gets even more animated

RamsayHe’s always been very animated, but now Gordon Ramsay will be literally animated when Canadian animators Cuppa Coffee Studios puts the outspoken chef in his own stop-motion series.

The Toronto-based company, which also produced Rick & Steve and Celebrity Deathmatch, says Gordon Ramsay, At Your Service promises “a unique take on Ramsay’s larger than life personality with an animated action-comedy spin that will not only appeal to Ramsay’s existing fan base, but will also reach out to new audiences.”

Cuppa Coffee President and Executive Producer Adam Shaheen,said, “Gordon Ramsay has established himself as a true international brand. We’re taking the essence of who he is and having a bit of fun with it. Never before have we encountered this type of excitement from broadcasters.”

Maybe he’ll get to work with his muppets for real….


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