Helen Hunt as possible Parenthood replacement

hhIt’s a perfect rematch. Actress Helen Hunt has been approached to take over the Parenthood role vacated by Maura Tierney.

The Oscar and Emmy winner is said to be considering the offer, which would mark her return to series television, following her successful run on Mad About You.

If she accepts, she would play the character portrayed by Dianne Wiest in the original film version.

Tierney was forced to pul out of the series last week to focus on her breast cancer treatment.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Thanks for the info but I don’t care about stars personal lives off screen, maybe Molly met her on a bad day? But if they give a good performance on screen then does it matter how they act off screen.

  2. Molly once met Helen and basically said her surname rhymes with something that describes her. From what I’ve read about how she treats people, he’s right.

  3. @Craig: I was running through potentials in my head once I heard they were looking for a new female lead, and not for a second did I even think of Hunt. Would be quite a good move if NBC can get her, especially as she has the Mad About You experience under her belt, as well as some good movie credibility.

    Plus she seems, age wise, an appropriate choice. Not like the mess that is the husband on Nurse Jackie (not that he’s a bad actor, just completely age inappropriate).

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