Returning: NCIS. Airdate: NCIS: LA

ncisThe first episode of NCIS‘ new season, ‘Truth Or Consequences’, will air at 8:30pm Tuesday September 29th -smack bang against the second hour of the Hey Hey reunion.

TEN will be hedging its bets that viewers will have their curiosity satisfied with the first hour and do a switcheroo. And of course Rafters is in there as the title holder of that hour too.

In the premiere, with the weight of the past on their minds, Gibbs and the team go back to work with DiNozzo and McGee beginning a search for Ziva’s replacement.

Meanwhile as expected, NCIS: Los Angeles does indeed premiere at 8:30pm Wednesday September 30th following their crossover eps on Sept 23.

‘Identity’: Newly located in a Los Angeles mission, the NCIS Office of Special Projects (OSP) welcomes Callen back to the team and races to solve a kidnapping case.

These shows premiere in the US a week before, on September 22nd.

Both editions of NCIS will be followed by a repeat of the original series at 9:30pm which tallies to a whopping 4 hours of the thing in the same week. Way to go.


  1. Not a good day for Hey Hey. It’s going up against Rafters and NCIS. I see it going great up until 8:30 and then slumping badly. I predict 1.8m for Rafters, 1.4m for NCIS and 1.1m for Hey Hey.

    It would have been a good ratings war if Talkin’ Bout Your Generation, Airways and Surf Patrol were still on.

  2. Regardless of what people are saying here of this being a ‘bad move’, the fact is these scheduling moves will pay off for Ten and will rate a hell of a lot higher than what they’re doing at the moment (L&O: UK/Numb3rs). I expect figures above the 1.3 mill range for the 8.30pm eps. Yes, 3 eps of a show in one week is overkill, but it will still rate highly. Just look at 2.5 men.

    Plus with Three Rivers and Lie to Me premiering soon, its obvious this is only temporary. House will probably get brought back once Three Rivers flops (I give it 3 weeks).

  3. Yay love this show, and looking forward to NCIS: LA. As for the 9.30 repeat, shame on the wednesday one as ten could of burned off a few more Law and Order: UK eps til Three Rivers starts. My source at Ten says they are planning to FastTrack new Lie To Me the following week, but that is till unconfirmed. Also wouldnt conut out Hey Hey, it probably rate through the roof.

  4. Horrid, horrid move. They should air both NCIS shows back-to-back. Surely NCIS:LA would have a better chance of succeeding on the back of new episodes of the original series.

    I don’t get why Ten shafted Nurse Jackie, Go Girls and Little Britain USA (didn’t the original series rate well on the ABC?) to low-key timeslots without first giving them a chance on primetime. These days, Ten’s primetime schedule consists almost exclusively of The Simpsons, NCIS and Law & Order. -.-

  5. The problem I have is with East West 101, Rafters and now New NCIS on the same time I only have 2 recorders, somethings got to give!

    They should move Supernatural (which just aired it’s first ep for the season in the US) or Numb3rs, Burn Notice in to the 9:30 slot and not a re-run NCIS.

  6. About bloody time!!! So sick of Rafters trying to write in “the bad guy” persona’s and have stopped watching…finally something to start watching on Tuesday’s again besides my Entourage DVDs….and cannot wait for NCIS LA

  7. Good news for NCIS fans and on Tuesday, should rate well, below Rafters and above Hey Hey. But why do we always have to have the repeat episode after the new one? It’s not very creative programming and with 4 eps of the same sort of show in one week Ten risk driving it into the ground – sort of what appears to have happened with Law and Order which peaked at 6 in one week. Now there are two new NCIS’s, it would have been better not to have 9.30 repeats so as not to overload the audience.

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