TEN turns cards on Dinosaur Kings

dkThe TEN Network has picked up a second season of children’s fantasy adventure series, Dinosaur King.

The half hour series is a combination of cel and CGI animation, following the dino-tastic quests of Max, Rex and Zoe who must travel the world to track down missing dinosaur cards from the time-travelling Dr. Z and his bumbling team of bad guys. “Real” dinosaurs are brought back to life in CGI battles.

The series is based on a SEGA card game and is originally from Sunrise, a Japanese anime studio.

Source: C21



    • C21 often writes things in its own style that can take a bit of getting used to (a bit like Variety). Given it says it will debut on TEN, and it already has, I’m guessing the licensing deal it refers to is in tandem with the “second series has also been renewed in Canada” etc. Also there is a note about 79 x 30 eps for Aus, which is a very long first season! Maybe someone at TEN can clarify with me….

  1. Too late on this report, Dinosaur King started on Ten a month ago. Dinosaur King is been show at 7:00 AM on Toasted TV every Monday – Wednesday.

    I wish Ten would buy more cartoons, that aren’t solely focused on selling merchandise.

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