Lifestyle You has girlpower

IMarriedaPrincessWhen the Lifestyle You channel launches on November 15th, it will programme directly to women with its mix of lifestyle and reality shows. 95% of the content has never been seen in Australia.

Amongst the channel identities are former MasterChef host Sarah Wilson, Kate Waterhouse an Antonia Kidman.

The channel will have ‘themed nights including ‘Shock You Mondays’, ‘Feel You Tuesdays’, ‘Love You Wednesdays’, “Entertain You Thursdays’, ‘Marry You Fridays’, plus a catch-up ‘Miss You Saturdays’ and a ‘Best Of Sundays.’

Amongst its titles are dating series Tough Love from Drew Barrymore’s production company, Casper Van Dien’s I Married a Princess, the clothes-swapping Twiggy’s Frock Exchange, The Biggest Loser UK, 10 Years Younger: The Challenge,  Four Weddings, Underage and Pregnant, Shopping is my Life, Don’t Tell the Bride, My Workout and more.

Owned by XYZ Networks, it also plans to commission local productions later this year.

The channel is part of the basic package on Foxtel. It will also screen on Austar.


  1. Allie – no its a supplementary channel to The Lifestyle Channel but although its an addition to the basic package they have moved UKTV out of the basic package and into drama package.

  2. Will this channel replace the current Lifestyle channel or is it supplementary to it? I’m confused! From reading their mooted line-up, I think a more accurate title would be the Reality Network.

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