Airdate: The Pro Shop

andrew-maherFor golfing enthusiasts ONE has a new one hour weekly show premiering later this month.

The Pro Shop will seek to cover all aspects of the game for golfers of all levels. It will be hosted by Andrew Maher (pictured) and Grant Dodd who will be joined by special guests and tour professionals.

Maher has been working on TEN’s AFL coverage since 2002 on Before The Game and The 5th Quarter.

It premieres 8:30pm Tuesday October 27th on ONE.


  1. RPM was always going to focus on the series’ Ten had at the time and with V8SC going to Seven they thought bugger this why give the opposition free publicity.

    A Back Page style show could be a good fit and at least Howard no longer does the Golf program.

  2. Nice work One. Hope we see more of these niche shows in the future. Bringing back RPM to prime time on the channel would be a step in the right direction, agreed.
    I also wouldn’t mind seeing a nightly Pardon the Interruption Australia/The Back Page, type sport, talk opinion show to compliment Sports Tonight in late prime time
    The Sports Soup just ‘isn’t doing it for me.
    Poaching an Aussie sports commentator who is highly opinionated and bloody entertaining like say Sam Kekovich from ESPN and give him his own O’Reilly Factor nightly type show, but for Sports, would be an awesome move.
    One need to find better ways to increase “appointment viewing” in prime time to increase ratings and give the network year round consistency.

  3. Agreed prehaps TEN could’ve tried reducing RPM’s budget and placed it in a prime weeknight slot; wasn’t a bad show and had decent production values.

  4. @Ed, i agree i don’t know why RPM was dumped, overall i thought rpm had to much bikes on it and not enough nascar and other Motorsports, but i hope it returns in one form or another, overall even so i don’t like golf this is a good step for one and its good that its local content as well

  5. its good to see One making this show, but it again makes me wonder why they bothered to dump RPM, after it had being running for 11 years on Ten, and which would have been perfect for this channel.

  6. Not that this is of much interest to me its nice to see original local programs developed for secondary channels i hope there is more to come in the future on each network digital channel. TEN leading the way

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