GO! has official launch

weedsGO! has its full channel launch from today. It follows the soft launch by the channel in early August.

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Weeds return to television in new episodes from 9:30 & 10:30pm tonight.

Tomorrow night Nip / Tuck, returns, while Father of the Pride and episodes of South Park and Reno 911 are also being added.

From 11th October, GO! gets local with split market commercials around Australia.

Extra late night blocks of evening shows are now being seen from midnight. If you miss a show in the evening, you can hopefully catch it again in a second screening.

A revamped website for the channel is now at www.gochannel.com.au. It’s still a little thin in terms of its Blog element -Nine must have minimal staff attending to it. Hire some writers guys….

So far the channel has been quite a success for Nine, adding to its weekly share, beating the other digital channels (including one night topping SBS) and pushing Seven to move on its plans.

GO! will be added to Foxtel cable platform from November 24th, but not to satellite viewers.


  1. It would help if the GO! channel programmers respected their viewers. I’m tired of them changing around the times and days of shows, starting episodes earlier (yes, earlier) than advertised, heavily promoting shows and then pulling them off air after a couple of episodes. And why so many repeats? I enjoy The Flintstones, but do we have to have them twice a day five days a week and an hour on Sunday. Where are the high definition programs? Why air Entertainment Tonight and TMZ twice a day, when there are loads of other shows that could be put on. I don’t mind old shows, but don’t have them on twice a day every day. Space it out please.

  2. I don’t want aussie content for the sake of aussie content – have seen enough Z grade aussie tv to last me a lifetime.

    @ Dan – to do wtih DST time over east maybe?

  3. Anyone in Perth, having problems with the GO EPG data? It seems to going an hour ahead then what’s on? It’s still like this this morning on my set top box and computer (did both rescans and it wasn’t the card..) It’s a problem on WIN’s end I think. Going to ring them up later on and see if they can get it fixed.

  4. new australian content will probably be of no interest to me, most australian stuff is cheap and uninteresting. maybe if they did an australian sci-fi show and somehow managed to make it look ok. the budgets for australian shows are far smaller than american ones and it very clearly shows.

    they might have tried to tweak something to do with the bitrate but messed it up because now there is a problem with the interlacing or something, there are these horizontal lines that you see most obviously on edges and on text. it gives the overall picture a blurry/shaky effect, it does it on all my digital equipment but as usual it may be just a brisbane issue, we are plagued with technical problems with 9 and digital that no one else has.

  5. @ it’sross ..Yes! I’ve always thought Nine should show repeats of old Hey Heys on Sat nights as they would rate well I reckon. Would be ideal for Go! As much as I love the old US classics such as Bewitched how about some of our classic tv as well?

  6. Why don’t nine drag out some old library content?

    Some old 80s or 90s episode of Hey Hey would probably rate just as well as a freshly produced one!

  7. Go is just full of American shows – it needs to diversify. Some local (Australia/NZ) content is a must and it would be great to see some programmes from elsewhere too – the UK is the obvious case, but they could look elsewhere too, whether that be Canada, Ireland ….. Much of Go’s current programming seems to be designed for a middle aged person’s stereotype of younger people “Gen Y” as marketing twits like to put it – young people would be interested in a broader range of programmes.

  8. Good call Mike. If nine want Go to grow they do have to invest in some local shows. I think is was good Aussie content that lead Foxtel to grow recently.

  9. South Park is a really good call for GO! it was the only thing I watched on SBS. I have to say I agree with everyone about Australian shows. I think Go! is a great addition to Nine but it’s disappointing Nine aren’t using it to launch any new Australian shows targeting young people.

  10. Totally agree. Curb and Weeds are both fantastic pick-ups by GO! But please give us some original Australian comedy or reality shows. I don’t like my two teenage kids watching a channel that doesn’t have any Australian shows.

  11. Yep Go! is great & it’s nice to have cable style programming free. But I’m sick of turning is on and just seeing old American shows. I agree with Mikey – give us some new Australian shows.

  12. GO is great but desperately needs some new Aussie shows. It’s frustrates me that there is no good Australian content for the youth audience… Come on Go! give us some new Aussie stuff!

  13. William Walker


    Viewers of Foxtel satelite aren’t the only ones to miss out on GO! Darwinites still have yet to see GO! and it is not known when it will come despite the local Nine manager saying it will come later this year. Still no GO! and ONE HD yet for Darwin. I’m not a mind reader so I can’t predict when it will come. Maybe never!

  14. I will not be watching GO til it comes on Foxtel Satellite. I have an IQ but don’t have a set top box so I miss out on the Perth FTA commercial channels. Never mind I have plenty to watch on Foxtel to keep me entertained.

  15. Perhaps they should hire staff who actually know something about the programmes GO! is broadcasting. A poll on the site asks who is your favourite South Park character. Eric and Cartman are listed as two separate voting options.

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