Larry David apologises to Elmo

Curb Your Enthusiam star went a step too far on Live US TV.

Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David made a (begrudging) apology to Elmo after manhandling the iconic Sesame Street puppet live on the US Today show.

“Somebody had to do it,” he insisted, as hosts Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin looked on shocked.

Later he apologised, sort of..

“Elmo, I just want to apologise,” he said.

“Elmo accepts your apology,” the red one replied.

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    1. Not exactly good either when kids see the “Swedish Chef throwing chickens and meat cleavers in the air…..or “Crazy Harry” and his obsession with explosives putting “Gonzo” in a cannon then firing him off into the air…..which resulted in him getting an overly stretched arm. 😂

      1. Personally I think the context of puppets in a comedy show is clearly understood, just as Road Runner cartoons did not turn a generation into explosives experts. Watching a grown adult on a breakfast programme required an apology given it involved a children’s character.

        1. Maybe Elmo should not have gone on X and asked “How is everyone feeling” to begin with..my point is there is violence on the puppets, kids watch it and some love it and aren’t horrified..it was obviously all done in jest..they were all laughing even Larry laughed with his apology. I think whole scenario is funny.

  1. I was so curious to hear what led up to this.

    He said on Seth Meyers “Elmo was talking. I was waiting to be interviewed, and Elmo was going on about mental health and I had to listen to every word. And I was going, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, I don’t think I can take another second of this!’ And so I got off my chair and I approached him and I throttled him! I couldn’t take it!”

    Looks like it was a generational clash.

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