Tight race at 7:30 on Monday

Home & Away tops entertainment. It's a battle between MasterChef, Do You Want to Live Forever? & Dream Home.

Just 12,000 viewers split three big shows on commercial networks at 7:30pm last night- but it was ABC that edged ahead.

Meanwhile Home & Away topped entertainment at 855,000 in National TV Audience.

7:30 led its slot at 722,000 then MasterChef Australia (684,000), Do You Want to Live Forever? (676,000), Dream Home (672,000) and Stuff the British Stole (581,000).

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? drew 793,000 then Four Corners (593,000), Media Watch (590,000), Limitless with Chris Hemsworth (319,000), Alert: Missing Persons Unit (281,000)

Seven News was #1 at 1.42m then The Chase (769,000). SWAT drew 149,000.

Nine News averaged 1.34m for Nine with wins by A Current Affair (1.11m) and Tipping Point (796,000). Footy Classified was 141,000 then 100% Footy (104,000).

ABC News drew 914,000. Hard Quiz (444,000), Antiques Roadshow (278,000) and Monday’s Experts (229,000) followed.

10 News First and The Project both pulled 358,000 for 10. Deal or No Deal was 299,000 with Aaron Chen’s Comedy Special at 227,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (217,000 / 168,000), Amazing Railway Adventures: Nick Knowles (153,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (129,000), Mastermind (126,000), Secrets of the Tower of London (109,000).

Sunrise: 386,000
Today: 325,000
News Breakfast: 240,000

National Total TV: Monday 24 June 2024

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      1. Yes, of course – and I wish the show and its lively hosts the best of luck.
        Although it’s interesting that you had to go back over ten years to think of an example of a show with a soft start that recovered!

    1. It’s on too late. This day and age most shows on fta go to die after 930pm people just won’t stay awake watching unless it’s a major live event . I have not seen any strong numbers in years indicating a regular series airing after 9pm can regularly attract anything over 300k maybe 500k absolute max if MAFS or something big was lead in.

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