Seven in easy Wednesday win

Seven News pushed a big audience into Home & Away, 1% Club and The Front Bar on Wednesday.

Seven had an easy win on Wednesday night.

Home & Away again topped entertainment at 824,000 in National TV Audience.

Almost all of those stayed for The 1% Club UK  at 816,000 then Hard Quiz (693,000), 7:30 (680,000), MasterChef Australia (656,000) RBT (548,000) and Hunt for Truth: Tasmanian Tiger (220,000).

Later Gruen drew 795,000 then The Front Bar (563,000), Ski Rescue Down Under (331,000) and NCIS: Sydney (319,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.37m then The Chase (702,000). Talking Footy pulled 204,000.

Nine News drew 1.21m with wins by A Current Affair (1.04m) and Tipping Point (762,000). Casualty 24/7 was 149,000 with Footy Classified (103,000) in select cities.

ABC News averaged 886,000 for ABC. Hard Quiz (replay 416,000), Antiques Roadshow (295,000), Austin (219,000), Planet America (174,000), Spicks & Specks (172,000) followed.

The Project scored 348,000 for 10 then 10 News First (326,000), Deal or No Deal (315,000). FBI: International managed 163,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (195,000 / 143,000), Mastermind (105,000), Fly with Me (95,000) and This Town (41,000).

Sunrise: 378,000
Today: 331,000
News Breakfast: 254,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 19 June 2024

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  1. Not strictly true regarding Supermarket Sweep.

    The original UK version, with Dale Winton as host, had been a huge daytime success in the 1990s.

    Its 2019 revival, this time with Rylan as host, was initially intended for a minor channel (ITV2) where expectations around viewing numbers are low. It performed sufficiently well there for a further series to be commissioned on the main ITV network, however ratings were poor and the show has since been permanently shelved.

      1. Maybe the format needs a bit of tweaking, though you can’t go wrong with a game show revolving around supermarkets. Universal appeal is there.

  2. The programming of The 1% Club in the primetime slot is excellent. They knew they were onto something good and stuck with it. It shows that it’s possible to create a game show, or any programming that resonates for that matter and create success.

    I personally think a Supermarket Sweep revival could do very well as it has all the hallmarks of universal appeal. Family friendly and dealing with markets, which everyone can resonate with. It was a success recently on ITV, one of the main channels in the UK, and the host Rylan is very likeable and charming.

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