Hamish Blake tops Q Scores

Research company ADA says Hamish Blake joins an elite group of TV favourites alongside Sigrid Thornton, Hugh Jackman, Magda Szubanski & Andrew Denton.

hbHamish Blake is now the most popular TV personality in Australia, according to the latest “Personality Q Scores” from the TV research group Audience Development Australia.

He now joins Sigrid Thornton, Hugh Jackman, Magda Szubanski and Andrew Denton as names who have topped the list in the past 10 years.

Q Scores are used by TV networks and advertisers as a gauge of popularity and are considered pivotal for casting, presenting and advertising purposes.

Blake, who appears on shows including Rove, Spicks and Specks, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Thank God You’re Here, and The Librarians (to name a few), enjoys cross-network and generational popularity. He has also appeared in specials for TEN, including Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage, and recently appeared on The Jay Leno Show.

But with the success of his Austereo show with comedy partner Andy Lee (ranked 19th), he has proven difficult to lure back to television in an ongoing role. As a result, Blake enjoys a rare ability to pick and choose his gigs. Nice work if you can get it.

“No one picked this,” said David Castran, managing director of Audience Development Australia. “His rise has been phenomenally quick, and he hasn’t peaked yet.

”He could sit on top of this poll for the next two years.”

Ironically Blake’s success follows several unsuccessful television attempts including The Hamish & Andy Show and Real Stories.

Seven’s director of programming, Tim Worner, said he made a mistake dumping the pair’s show too early after launch and has an open invitation for them to do something again.

“We did cut too early. Their act probably wasn’t as mature as it is now but we also could have given them more freedom. To be critical of myself, we should have backed them a bit more than we did. And don’t think they ever let me forget that. They’re always bagging me. Will they do TV again? Only if they want to.”

Kyle Sandilands is the most disliked personality of the 800 names listed.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. I love Hamish, he really is an all round nice guy…although considering Australia’s ‘tall poppy’ syndrome which seems to be culturally ingrained in us – isn’t it going to get to a point where people think he’s ‘too overexposed’ and will all turn against him? I hope not – Australians should stop cutting down their stars.

    Does anyone know who the Top 10 are on the Q scores list? That’d be very interesting if you could post them please!

  2. Having good Q scores mean nothing, it’s all about the show you’re on – Magda Szubanski for example – very high scores – crap show (spearmint experiment) – low ratings.

  3. Hamish is a genuinely friendly, quick witted & funny guy and the way he presents on TV is a true represention of how he is as a person. Too many TV presenters are nothing like their TV personas. People want the real deal, not just some megalomaniac who only becomes palatable when the “On Air” light beams in the TV studio.

  4. 7 made a mistake not keeping H&A in contract, but cancelling their show was not a mistake IMO. it has been repeated on late night 7HD atleast once, it wasn’t very funny and the ratings were very bad IIRC.
    even with chris lilley and AOK and a few other recognisable faces it just wasn’t good. but can you imagine how much that show would be worth these days?

  5. Kyle Sandilands being the No. 800 TV personality, well that definitely says something. Even Peter Popoff must be more popular than that. As for Hamish Blake being No. 1, well that’s just ridiculous. I could think of at least 20 better personalities off the top of my head.

  6. Interesting that some of those who have topped the Q Scores also have had shows that flop/fail to impress – Jackman with the horrible Viva Laughlin, Magda with Funny bits and Spearman, and Hamish with Real Stories and Hamish and Andy.

    Is it truely the best measure of who should be fronting a program? POssibly not.

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