Josh Lawson for US comedy series

jlJosh Lawson has landed a lead role in a new US comedy series opposite Alyssa Milano.

In Romantically Challenged he will play a thirtysomething man torn between his new girlfriend (Milano) and needy best friend (Kyle Bornheimer). The multicam comedy is written by writer Ricky Blitt (Family Guy) and will air on the ABC network.

In picking up the series from its pilot, ABC has replaced actor Eric Christian Olsen with Lawson.

In 2008 he struck an exclusive talent deal with FOX after impressing the network’s head of casting, Marcia Shulman. She described him as “Matthew Perry meets Robin Williams.” But projects stalled during the US Writer’s Strike and its subsequent fallout.

In Australia, he has appeared in Chandon Pictures, Thank God You’re Here, Sea Patrol, The Librarians and co-hosted Wipeout Australia.

Of the FOX deal, he told TV Tonight last year, “What can I say, I was in the right place at the right time, and they saw my stuff and they dug it.”

Go you good thing…

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. …I can’t stand him. His talent is questionable. After a half dozen failed pilots Alyssa ends up playing second fiddle to this? That said when I heard this show first pitched and only Alyssa’s name attatched it read more like the show was focused on her character and she was the lead.

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