Julia Zemiro to host AFI Awards

jzaRocKwiz gal Julia Zemiro will host the 2009 AFI Awards in December.

The honour follows her hosting of the Industry Awards for the AFI last year. Zemiro also has a string of live hosting gigs in the corporate world.

The awards will take place at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre on Saturday 12th December with a delayed broadcast on Nine at 9.30pm. The Industry Awards, which focus predominantly on craft, will take place on December 11th.

“I am delighted to be stepping from the feisty RocKwiz stage, for one night only! to the splendour of the Regent Theatre to host the 2009 Samsung Mobile AFI Awards. RocKwiz is an AFI Award Winner so it seems only fair that I return the favour.”

There are no less than 26 feature films vying for nominations this year, with television nominees also yet to be announced. This year there will be six nominees for Best Film instead of four.

AFI Patron Dr. George Miller said, “There’s nothing wrong with the Australian film industry that a few good films won’t fix and there’s more than a few good films eligible for this year’s AFI Awards. Our filmmakers are working in every genre, and with a lot more rigour towards storytelling and engagement of audiences.

“Looking at releases over the past 12 months it’s difficult to remember another time when there was such a range of good films. In the past there was the occasional Australian film that would pop up like a flower among the weeds. Lately there seem to be a lot of flowers. And the last time I had a sense of this happening was in the late 70s and early 80s”.

Nominees will be announced at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney on Wednesday October 28th.


  1. Did you realise that Julia mentioned a new naming sponsor for the AFI Awards? Samsung Mobile replaces L’Oreal which had sponsored the awards for the past 3 years.

    • Johnson: I did…it’s actually in the Press Release noting a new 3 yr deal, but I am reticent to give branding any extra exposure in editorial. That said, I wasn’t about to edit somebody’s quote….

  2. Good choice. David – didn’t Julia host the IF Awards (Inside Film awards) a couple of years ago? She did a fine job of that – actually, a whole lot better than fine.

  3. Why Oh Why does it have to be this no-talent hosting? First name that springs to mind when Australian Film is mentioned? Julia Zemiro…of course; how silly of me.

  4. julia is a great choice.

    well thank god it’s not stephen curry, i thought he was terrible last year. so many misses.

    i hope CH gets a few noms this year. if underbelly2 gets nominated over it, there will be blood.

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