Seven picks up Seinfeld project

jerry_seinfeldChannel Seven has picked up the local format rights to The Marriage Ref, the new reality series developed by Jerry Seinfeld.

In the series, to be produced by Endemol Southern Star, celebrities will offer relationship advice to married couples.

Tim Worner, Seven’s Director of Programming said: “Jerry Seinfeld is a legend of comedy and Seinfeld the show is a timeless classic. He doesn’t exactly need to be doing something like The Marriage Ref but to hear him talk about it is to hear someone who wants to do it all over again.

“With this show, he has a vision and is so enthusiastic and so passionate about every detail of that vision. He describes marriage as a “comedy goldmine” and this show is designed to make the most of it.

“It’s not nasty, it’s not marriage counselling, it’s making genuine fun of situations that couples the world over will be able to relate to. Seven is really excited to be part of his vision and belief that The Marriage Ref can do for marriage what Seinfeld did for singledom”.

“I see it as a pro-marriage show,” Seinfeld has previously said. “It shows everybody else is doing the same silly things.”

“This is not a therapy show, it’s a comedy show.”

Seven also has the exclusive rights to the US version due to air on NBC.


  1. This show was huge at MIPCOM, i’d say it’s the biggest new show in years.
    i think it will be the new international hit. good to see australia will be one of the first countries to have a version along with the US and the middle east.

  2. “celebrities will offer relationship advice to married couples.”

    What a bizarre idea that is given that celebs have a much worse track record with marriage than everyone else does. The show should instead have the non-famous giving the celebs marriage advice.

  3. The US version has the appeal of Jerry being involved and appearing on
    camera, so common sense would suggest to first see if it takes off with US

  4. re: comparisons to B&TG, perfect couple, mommas boys, reality ect.

    umm. . this show is not reality. it’s listed as comedy.

    i say yay, we need more aussie comedy on tv. but of course everyone hates it, even though we don’t know anything about it and it sounds up the alley that people have been saying we want.

  5. This sounds like it could be just another crappy reality show. I don’t see how it can respectfully create comedy out of real couples genuine problems. I suppose if you have world class comedians talking them through their issues, it can be both funny and the opportunity to bring some important issues up in a lighthearted way.

    But the locally produced version will have some big steps to take. How many comedians do we have that could pull something like this off?
    I’m interested enough to watch the first few of both the Aust or US versions to see
    how they’ve do done it, possibly no more than that.

  6. well i guess this goes with thieir other crap from nbc, like mommys house or whatever that 10:30pm monday night show is called, but i guess it could work, i havent check the ratings for bearty and the geek last night so i shouldnt be saying anything, the local version i guess will be better but it seams the same then australias purfect couple on 9

  7. I remember reading about Jerry developing such a show a few years ago, and at the time it sounded like a too-weird to watch kind of show… 2 years on: it still sounds weird.

    I’ll give it a go, however, since it’s Jerry…

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