Shelly’s inner strength

swLast night’s A Current Affair feature on Shelly, the daughter of Cowra murderer John Walsh, was tough viewing. But it took the show back to real public affairs instead of its habit of consumer, celebrity and traffic-fine stories.

Tracy Grimshaw again showed her better journo skills as she listened to Shelly Walsh speaking about the brutal attacks that left her mother and two young children dead, in June last year.

Grimshaw held back tears listening to the story.

Shelly Walsh’s strength in telling the tale, in the hope of warning other families of the signs of depression, was remarkable.

And what was almost as remakable was Nine playing the 20 minute story without a commercial break.

Hopefully her story was heard by those who needed to hear it most.


  1. Tracey has had a great year with the “serious” interviews. This is what real journalism is all about. Otherwise she’s just reading an autocue and introducing the fluff pieces. Awesome stuff!

  2. Have to say I actually agree with the reviewer. I felt I could almost have been watching Forkers. Why cannot ACA do this every night? I mean, what’s wrong with taking a serious approach to the news of the day? Over to you Nein

  3. Trace, you have to do more interviews…Great job on a very tough assignment to handle. Love your work.
    Shelly, I admire your bravery and courage so very much, you are an inspiration to everyone.

  4. It’s a pity that great interviews like this is far and few between the other drivel that ACA/TT give us. I don’t watch either, because generally the quality of these shows is less than what I’m happy with. The downside is I miss out on the exceptional stories like this.

  5. I thought Shelly was an amazing woman. Her story and experience is unbelievable – yet she showed so much courage and strength through out the ordeal and reliving it with Tracey. Gripping TV. She will be getting my nomination for Australian of the Year.

  6. I wonder If the Adelaide Edition had this story.

    Off the topic a little how many of their audience actually stick around for the Charlie Sheen a Thon that follows

  7. when there is a shocking story to tell, people will tune in…it actually got to much for me..i had to turn off…very sad what a supposed doting grandfather could do to his own grandkids and wife…shocking

  8. Hi David, it would be great if you could include a reference to Lifeline and Beyondblue at the end of any stories related to depression. We need to increase the awareness of depression and the services available to those suffering and/or witnessing it.

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