When Molly meets Whitney

Molly Meldrum will talk to Whitney Houston on Sunday Night.

whitneyThis Sunday Night, guest reporter Molly Meldrum will talk to Whitney Houston in another of her media rounds for her new album, I Look To You.

La Diva (that’s Whitney, not Molly) has been doing quite a few interviews lately including Good Morning America, Oprah and The X Factor UK.

Other stories include:

The Bird Man
Jeb Corliss is a daredevil. He’s leapt off some of the world’s tallest buildings wearing just a wingsuit. Now, Sunday Night joins him as he prepares for his biggest challenge yet – flying down the edge of the Matterhorn, one of Europe’s most dangerous mountains. In the extraordinarily dangerous new sport of wingsuit proximity flying, Jeb will come only a few feet from the mountain’s sharp ridges – and certain death. Reporter Ross Coulthart joins Jeb in a training exercise on the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur to learn what makes a man overcome fear and vertigo to leap into.

The Allergy Solution
Young Australians are in the middle of a food allergy epidemic. And it’s getting worse. One child in 20 has some sort of food allergy with many potentially fatal. So what’s causing the problem? Doctors say there are many contributing factors, but Sunday Night has gone to a remote Pacific Island for a vivid illustration of how the modern way of life seems to influence who grows up with allergies. No parent should miss this special report by Channel Seven’s Doctor John.

A Rock And A Hard Place
A quarter of a century ago, Mike Munro reported on an historic moment – the handing back of Uluru to the traditional owners. Since then, countless millions of dollars have washed through the Aboriginal community of Mutitjulu that stands in the shadow of the rock. But what is there to show for all the money, initiatives and and good intentions? Mike returned to Mutitjulu to find a community still struggling to cope. He also found a ray of hope. This is an important report that could change the way you look at Aboriginal affairs.

It airs 6:30pm Sunday on Seven.

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  1. Mal Brough, thanks for telling it how it is.
    After many years working in remote Australia and particularly with Aboriginal people, I have seen millions of dollars squandered in these communities with no accountability.
    I am sick and tired of the govt throwing tax payers money and royalties at communities just to see assets wrecked due to boredom triggered vandalism.
    Make people accountable for their handouts or take it away.
    It may not be politically correct but hard measures have to be taken to fix these problems. Given the nature of politics hard decisions wont be made and nothing will change. Very frustrating.

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