Airdate: Stargate Universe

Stargate-UniverseNo surprises here… Stargate Universe will follow TEN’s Supernatural on Monday nights in summer.

The series kicks off from 9:30pm Monday December 14th.

But TEN will only screen one hour of the series premiere, which aired as a double episode on the Sci Fi Channel, as TEN is committed to its TEN Late News & 7PM Project repeats.

At least it’s a pretty quick turn around from Pay TV.


  1. I watched sic fi from 1960 , star trek and the stop that after 67 showers , but stargate universe has a lot more in it. The story still goes where they find the mesage after a big battle . the starship is damage but is saved by stargate allantis it’s a good story and and stores to come

  2. Hope i am not giving you to much bad news, but Stargate Universe has been axed in America, so season 2 will be the last of the episodes that we see, my kids are not to happy about this as they love this show, at the moment, my friends send me copies of the show for the kids to watch, there is only three more to go and that it.

    There is so many of us that have complained about it going off, but no one has picked it up for season 3 yet.

  3. I f***** so pi**ed off at Ch 10!!! i love that show and it is very interesting show than SG:1, SGA. and they stuck in massive ship and no where to go. god please bring it back and i brought Stargate Universe DVD : Plot and i thought it would be whole season but it wasnt whole season it just one episode.
    That sucks!

  4. Guys the commercial stations make their money from advertising. stop complaining here or to the stations. no money in it. If you want them to listen complain to the companies who advertise. Tell them that you will not buy their products because they support the commercial channels behaviour. If enough people complained this way pretty soon the tv stations will listen because it all goes back to money. so next time you see a show you like, take note of who is advertising and go from there.

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