Airdate: Unlikely Animal Friends

Seven will premiere the National Geographic special Unlikely Animal Friends. And head's up Criminal Minds fans.

Unlikely_Animal_FriendsSeven wil premiere the National Geographic special Unlikely Animal Friends on Tuesday 24th at 7:30pm. It is yet to air in Pay TV.

An elephant holds vigil for a sick dog. A baby hippo chooses a giant tortoise as a surrogate parent. A lion instantly recognizes two men a year after their last encounter. And a lioness turns down an easy kill when she comes across a baby oryx. Can animals really build friendships with other species, people, or even their own prey? How do these odd couples come to be? What do they gain from these improbable companionships? This one-hour special will take a heartwarming look at these curious bonds and explore the emotional complexities behind unlikely animal friends.

In other changes, a new episode of Criminal Minds will also air at 9:30 on Wednesday night November 25th: S5 e6.

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  1. I have read Peter Gilmore’s comments regarding the “Unlikely Animal Friends” show and feel compelled to comment. I am an animal lover and find the bull spearing sport atrocious as well, however, I do think that the critisism of the show is a little over the top. The purpose of the show was to enlighten peoples understanding of animals and their differences/personalities and troubles/confusion in life. It shows that animals can be brutal for survival as well as caring and nuturing. It demostrated that animals can have some wierd and wonderful ways and are not all sterio-type as many humans would assume. Animals feel the need for companionship and love as well as basic survival. The show gave me a special insight on the bizarre relationships that can occur in the animal kingdom.
    I can understand that you may have felt unimpressed about the calf. I too felt sorry for it wandering around seeking food. I must say though that human intervention is not always the best method and there are many things in nature that happen which are out of our control and things that make you wonder “why”! I don’t believe that this story was meant to upset the viewer, more so to show humans the depth and complexity of an animal that is often thought or spoken of as “just an animal”.

  2. I always thought the cruel sport of spearing bulls in the neck before the toriodors danced around them with capes to torment these domestic animals for the gratification of a blood thirsty crowd until I saw this program.

    There they were, plastic smiling female presenters describing footage of a poor female lioness and a calf finding solace on a supposed game park for the protection of animals from people. These disgusting sycophants with the full vain face make up pretending on a script that they were some sort of David Bellamy. Their coolness in the matter of fact description of the calf’s eventual fate was bordering on that of a sociopath. It got worse, these hero’s behind the scenes explained this lioness held onto this calf longer than others that were eaten.

    They let that calf wonder around starving to explain What!. The lioness would have been better of putting it out of it’s misery rather than give so called humans a chance to make a dollar out of animal misery. How wonderful, they brought in a lion expert. Didn’t help the Lion or the calf so he might has well stayed at his booth at McDonalds. It is difficult enough for most of us to observe animal cruelty by humans. these people making this show entered a new low. Sometimes the almighty has a way of evening up the score. We cant wait for these smiling assassins.

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