Returning: Criminal Minds

Updated: The 15th and final season is now out of schedule.

The 15th and final season of Criminal Minds begins on Seven next week.

“Under The Skin” aired in the US in January.

The BAU team investigates an UnSub with striking similarities to Rossi’s latest obsession, The Chameleon.

There are 10 episodes all up, including a two-part finale.

Absentia, which kicks off with a double episode tomorrow night, moves to 10pm Tuesdays next week.

Update: Now out of schedule. Double Asbsentia 9pm Tuesday.

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  1. Can’t wait to see this latest season – although I’m sad that it is the last season! Love Rossi’s totally grey hair and beard – very sexy look! Sick and tired of all channels friggin’ around with programming – they postpone eps without any warning, they don’t give correct info to TV Week or Foxtel mags, and I am so fed up with seeing TBA constantly appearing! It’s amazing to me that any show succeeds given the stupidity of the programmers! !

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