Lie to Me wins full season

TEN's US acquisitions continue to get good news, with Tim Roth's procedural drama winning a full season from FOX.

lie-to-meGood news for fans of Lie to Me, and especially Network TEN, with confirmation the series has been picked up for a full season.

It follows an order for three more scripts last month by FOX.

The Tim Roth procedural series averaged 7.3 million viewers in its most recent episode in the US, and last night in Australia took 974,000. At 9:30pm it has been a good follow on after TEN’s strong NCIS lead in.

That makes a bunch of TEN’s US titles getting pick-ups including Glee, The Cleveland Show, Modern Family, NCIS: LA and The Good Wife.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. @aimee, richo was talking about after those episodes.

    it will be interesting to see haw ten handle this. i rekon they were hoping to be done with the season before masterchef comes in and takes over all the timeslots. now i’d say ten might have to hold it off until midyear when MC is over.

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