1. “RocKwiz host Julia Zemiro and ADbc host Sam Pang are also returning to Eurovision, this time in Norway. Campbell knows that EV fans are just as passionate and particular as Top Gear fans to please.”

    Boo hiss. They were Terrible. Just let the Graham Norton commentary through.

  2. after july for Mad Men? wish he’d announced that sooner!!!!! they just had the DVD on special but i thought ‘no, i only have to wait till April for it on SBS’.

    Great. oh well, i’ll buy it anyway, can’t wait till July. I mean, series 3 has already been on. Rights? what nonsense.

  3. I barely know most of the shows mentioned above, I guess I should start tuning to SBS more. I only watch it for South Park.
    Encroaching of popular titles isn’t new so SBS should get over it. Recent shows would include Kath & Kim from ABC to Seven, Thank God You’re Here from Ten again to Seven.

  4. Three years between series of Wilfred… Why?! Truly an obscene wait.

    And I’ve watched five seasons of Entourage, but I’d never call it ‘clever drama’. ‘Dumb, fun, shallow, occasionally hilarious, very light drama’, yes, but that’s all. And comparing it to Oz? Jeez!

  5. So glad they are deciding to replay East West 101 over summer. This season has been awesome and deserves way better than the figures it’s pulling at the moment. Also great news that there will be a third series.

  6. It was never even part of SBS’s multi cultural charter (that they don’t even adhere to) to do an Aus version of Top Gear and the original show also isn’t really part of their charter anyway. Nine will bring TG to a bigger audience.

  7. Great interview David. I enjoy sbs more and more each day and love the titles they offer. I really want to watch East West 101, but like many im stuck at ncis and forget about east west. I also love Skins, South Park, Entourage and Insight. Keep up the great work sbs!

  8. I hope they have the decency to put on some decent comedies on the Monday Nights including some Fresh South Park Episodes.
    I also love Top Gear and it is sad that it is going to Channel Nine.Here is something they might have overlooked and it is rather similar and that is 5th Gear.SBS should look into importing that.

  9. SBS, why don’t you re-run the best Fat Pizza eps: the 2000, 2001, 2002 eps.
    Not the worst eps: repeats of World Pizza 2006 seen on Saturday nights.
    Viewers are crying out for quality Pizza!

  10. hey guys on top gear my husband thinks your show is one of the greatest shows on telly he watches it every week without fail he mostly enjoys the ones when have the challengers where you go cross country without knowing whats coming up
    keep up the good work guys

  11. LMAO at Agent 86, below!

    Anyway, I understand Mad Men’s FTA “rights” issue because I assume SBS have to work around Movie Extra’s first airing.

    Really looking forward to John Adams & more Big Love, though! 🙂

  12. vinny aka tvaddict0909

    Sbs 2 is the worst digital tv station out of them all. There are no new shows on it. Well… maybe 1 a week if that. It is a shame the goverment can find over 100 million for kids tv channel abc 3 but not fund sbs 1 and 2 properly.

    Thankfully Sbs 2 has top of the range movies…. even if the majority are repeats.

  13. Bound to eventually happen SBS, unfortunately. Ch. 9 would still be reeling from your ‘punt’ on Ashes and cricket broadcasting rights over the last few years – I believe Kerry may have appeared in some Nine Execs dreams screaming ‘well, bloody take something back off them you nitwit, and never, ever pass up cricket rights (whack!)’

  14. They’ve shown the first season of Entourage but now there are South Park repeats in it’s place. I hope they get onto the next six or so seasons soon.

  15. “I’m sick and tired of SBS management and staffers whinging about funding”

    Bit harsh?

    – SBS total revenue (for both its radio and television services) is less than one fifth of the average commercial television station in Australia.

    – The SBS receives about one quarter of the funding that the ABC receives from government


  16. Thanks for clarifying the TG end date Jan 18, at least we get a summer of TG on SBS before the move.

    Good to see East West 101 is to have a summer encore, maybe it will get some well deserved respect from the viewing public. Yay they got John Adams, great drama. Big Love coming back soon, can’t wait…

    And I’m amazed Nine (or the others) didn’t buy Mad Men yet, maybe they tried?

  17. “Unlike his commercial counterparts…”

    SBS is a commercial channel. They might try to pretend that they’re not, but let’s call a spade a spade.

    I’m sick and tired of SBS management and staffers whinging about funding.

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