Trailer: The Pacific

pcfBy the looks of the second trailer for the HBO series The Pacific, we should be in for a mighty series next year -as if there was any doubt.

The WWII drama will screen on Seven. It premieres in the US in March.

Seven programming boss Tim Worner previously told TV Tonight, “It’s extremely powerful. I’ve now seen 3 episodes of that show. You don’t watch that show, you feel that show. It is the last of the great miniseries because of the economic model in the US. There will never be another miniseries like that where they spend over $200m making it. It just won’t happen.”

The series from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks was predominantly filmed in Victoria and Queensland. Channel Seven is cleverly screening episodes of their former Band of Brothers over summer, no doubt as a strategy to whet our appetite for The Pacific.

Clearly one of 2010’s viewing highlights.

You can see the first trailer here.


  1. “God I hate boring war movies. Pass.” FJ, are you kidding?? boring??? not a movie; a mini-series!! this stuff is about the real deal; blokes fought hard and killed and died for real. do your self a favour and watch all of band of brothers. or better yet, read a couple of history books. i also can’t wait. bob is the best tv ever made(other than the simpsons), and this will be as good, if not better.

  2. Tempted to just wait for this to come out on Blu ray – HD video and audio – something we’ll never see on FTA.

    Hats off to HBO as they certainly make very good and interesting programs.

  3. Band of Brothers is one of my favourite series- watched it about 4 or 5 times. This looks very good.
    Unless the show is ‘fast-tracked’ to Seven I can’t see myself waiting…

  4. Well, they didn’t just film a good portion of it here, Seven put up a fair bit of money to help produce it (a joint production between HBO, Dreamworks, and Seven). This is also why Seven now has the rights to Band of Brothers.

    I really can’t wait for the series. The production values look amazing (that said, it’s a HBO show, so there was never any doubt there), and Band of Brothers was just amazing (recently gave my DVD set to a mate, and invested in the BD copy).

    If I remember correctly, Seven was actually going to be showing the series before HBO, but that was changed a few months back (the first trailer “released” for the series was a Channel 7 one, after which it embargoed by the Seven and HBO lawyers. That said, it was fairly amateur, with the US version being a lot more polished).

    I doubt they’ll be another WWII epic any time soon, but I doubt this is the last time HBO engages in a big project like this (after the success of John Adams, I wouldn’t be surprised if HBO ended up with another series in the same vein. All the Lincoln biopics that have been planned have never panned out, seems like a subject area better suited for the premium mini-series format).

  5. Looks great, if its anything like BoB it will be worth the wait, I really hope it gets fastracked here in Australia I assume seeing as a good deal of it was filmed here we may get that privilege.

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