Underbelly hosts the ARIAs

Kate Ritchie and Gyton Grantley will host this year's ARIA Awards set to screen on Nine this month.

Kate-RitchieKate Ritchie and Gyton Grantley will host this year’s ARIA Awards set to screen on Nine.

The two actors, both of whom appeared in Underbelly, will “top and tail” the night, with musicians, including guest Robbie Williams, to serve as presenters.

Williams will perform on the night, alongside local acts and nominees Jessica Mauboy, Empire Of The Sun, Sarah Blasko, Lisa Mitchell and Kate Miller-Heidke.

No longer being produced by Roving Enterprises, the alignment between the ARIAs and Nine was sorted mid year with the GO! channel in mind.

The ARIA Music Show has appeared on both Nine and GO! and while the network had previously floated the possibility of Red Carpet events on GO! it isn’t doing so on ARIA night. Nine has already screened the ARIA Hall of Fame too.

The 23rd ARIA Awards take place at Acer Arena in Sydney on Thursday November 26.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun

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  1. I’m worried about the ARIAs this year.. TEN could have spruked it up more to make it profitable this year. Roving made the event very entertaining and a great show to watch overall. If TEN are going to be launching a Music channel it would have been a good way to launch it – off the ARIAs.

    I reckon the ARIAs are going to turn into the AFIs…

  2. It’s a shame that TEN passed on the ARIAs – it’d probably rate better than the current series of Idol!

    Nevertheless Nine has planned some fantastic performers for the show;-

    1. Bert and Patti Newton will sing songs from “Wicked”
    2. Daryl Somers will sing “Black or White” with special backup singers the Jackson Jive!
    3. Shane Crawford will reprise all his famous AFL Footy Show dance routines
    4. Sam Newman, Gary Lyons and James Brayshaw will do the “Full Monty”
    5. Lisa McCune will sing songs from “Mary Poppins” with fellow Sea Patrol cast mate Ian Stenlake.

    oh and Temper Trap, Kate Miller Heidke and Jessica Mauboy will sing a minute of their ARIA nominated tunes.

  3. @Ed
    In regard to your response to Neon Kitten, have you actually watched the ARIAs since Roving has done them? Perhaps not since they took a really pathetic awards night full of bored musicians who had to sit through Richard Wilkins as a host and turned it into a really watchable and at times spectacular event.
    Granted shows from Rove don’t seem to have done too well this year but I very much doubt if they had the ARIAs they would put Dave & Carrie in there.
    Why pi** on their success with the show over the last how ever many years they have done it? At least they turned it into something watchable.
    Perhaps this year we will be treated to the music industry knowledge of Eddie McGuire & Livinia Nixon presenting Best Rock Release whilst the crowd throw streamers as the winners walk to the stage.

  4. Nine make it really hard to say nice things about them. I just hope they remember the mistakes of their last ARIAs which was appalling (Peter Harvey rap anyone?).
    I’m surpised either Kate or Gyton accepted a gig that they wlll no doubt be bagged for. I’m sure they’ll be fine, but they clearly don’t belong.
    Thing is, ARIA had to agree to whatever Nine wanted this ARIAs, from having the international performer and having the show on a weeknight.
    Nobody else wanted it – it’s expensive and never rates very well anyway.
    It’s a great night out though.

  5. The last time the ARIA’s were on Nine they were a complete disaster. Poor telecast, blatant cross promotion and very conservative choice of presenters. Ten treated the show as a marquee event and it was well produced. It’s a shame it has come to this. Everything Nine does these days is a complete travesty.

  6. Firstly, Why does a television station get to choose hosts for a music awards show?? Grantley and Ritchie will be the least classiest people in the room, having absolutely no connection to music whatsoever. I’m sensing the ratings will plummet. Give the ARIAs back to TEN where it belongs, where we’ll at least get comedians and television personalities known for their hosting, rather than two television actors whose names will be completely forgotten by the end of the night.

  7. It would have been nice to at least have hosts that have something to do with music but I don’t mind Kate and Gyton. As long as they keep Richard Wilkins and Jules Lund away from this one, I’m happy.

  8. How pathetic by Nine. Obvious much that you want to promote Underbelly! These two have nothing to do with music, stupid stupid decision, but i expect from that Nine. The Arias will have even less credibility now, which leaves very little left.

  9. @ Neon Kitten. Yep where will the ARIAs be without the midas touch of the team that bought us 5th Grader and the 7PM Project? As they are apparently the only company capable of producing the show, why not drop the telecast altogether? Or, I know, send it back to 10 and give us 180 minutes of Hughesy and Carrie’s sparkling repartee? Their awkward asides and ill informed banter will raise the roof!

  10. Nine had much better celebrities to choose from;-

    Daryl Somers
    Karl Stefanovic
    Richard Wilkins
    Shane Crawford
    Sam Newman
    Eddie McGuire
    Bert Newton
    Kerry anne Kenneley
    Livinia Nixon
    The rest of the cast of Underbelly one
    The rest of the cast of Underbelly two
    The cast of Underbelly three

    Oops I just revealed the presenters on the show!

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