Warship captures life on the high seas

twAnother observational documentary is in production, this time filming a working Australian warship.

Warship, being made by WA-based Prospero Productions (Navy Divers), has been filming aboard the HMAS Toowoomba for the past five months.

The series will capture the working life of its 190-member crew during an operational deployment to the Middle East.

A three man film crew has followed the ship’s journey from Fremantle to the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, visiting foreign ports, conducting counter-terrorist and anti-piracy patrols and working with the giant nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

Their biggest moment involved the apprehension of a Somali pirate gang that had tried to hijack a Portuguese freighter.

A search of the Somali boat later found a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, a cache of AK47 rifles and a large quantity of ammunition.

Director Will Minchin told Ninemsn, “We had fantastic coverage of that. After the boat was secured and the weapons had been secured, the camera team went over and got pretty extraordinary vision of it.”

Source: Ninemsn, Lloyds List


  1. The company filming the show (Prospero Productions) says on it’s web site that it is currently in production of ” ‘Warship’ for National Geographic US and Australia.”
    Sounds like a show we will see only on Foxtel.

  2. This will be a hit. I hate shows like Border Security and The Force (both very predictable and painful IMO), but this sounds like a whole other kettle of fish, the Somali Pirates episode in particular, I’ll certainly watch.

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