ABC kisses and makes up over Lambert

GLAAD talks to ABC after Adam Lambert was dropped from Jimmy Kimmel Live and New Year's Rockin' Eve ater his AMA performance.

lambertamaStrange ways them Americans….

After Adam Lambert’s AMA performance, branded too hot for network TV, he was also dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve both on ABC.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation spoke to ABC about their decision to cancel Adam Lambert’s performances and both issued the following statements:

“Given the live nature of the American Music Awards, Adam Lambert’s performance, which differed greatly from his rehearsal, caught many, including the network, off guard. This is not a question of Lambert’s sexual orientation. As is evidenced by GLAAD’s media report card, ABC is at the forefront of positive gay and lesbian portrayal on television. We welcome openly gay performers and look forward to continuing our great work within the LGBT community.”

GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios replied:

“It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC’s decision. ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air. We applaud the visibility of openly gay performers and congratulate Adam Lambert for sharing his story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week as well as his upcoming appearance on The Jay Leno Show.

It’s certainly true that ABC shows have had strong representation on GLBTi issues in shows such as Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty -to name a few- but it would have made sense to clarify why he was dropped from both shows.

Source: LA Times

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  1. towleroad.com//page/3/ Scroll down to the bottom, Pink did the exact same move on tv a few years back with no consequence.

    Seems only the gays are forbidden from doing that. ABC a pioneer?

    Hardly. GLAAD is as useless as ACMA.

  2. If the gay thing Isn’t an issue (which I’m not sure about now), I guess it’d be because of the suggestive elements of his performance mixed with the songs theme/lyrics itself.
    Kinda like how LoveGame has been banned from being played on Video Hits for its content I guess.

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