Gone: Come Dine With Me

CDWMThe third casualty of summer ratings (following TEN’s Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader and Nine’s ER) is Seven’s Come Dine With Me.

It was replaced yesterday by episodes of The Zoo at 5pm weekdays. On January 1 it is replaced by Home Improvement.

The UK food series followed amateur chefs as they cooked for one another in a reality series, with a lively commentary by Dave Lamb.

It’s figures last week hovered around the low 200,000s, getting thrashed by TEN News at Five around 800,000.

An Aussie version of the show will air in January on the Lifestyle Channel.


  1. This is a good show, but honestly i only ever caught it on 7 twice, just forgot it was on. where as I used to watch it all the time on FOOD, and its gone from there as well!

    Although isn’t there an aussie version coming onto foxtel.. maybe they see it as free foxtel publicity…

  2. Massively disappointed yesterday when I switched on and got some zoo crap. Who needs that? I want crazy hungover cooking and bizarre notions of what constitutes an evening’s entertainment. One week! Give it a chance. The only blessing of non-ratings, gone already. I’m really pissed off with 7

  3. that really sucks! although i did enjoy it more when they did marathons of it on lifestyle food channel, cause you didnt have to wait everyday to see the next one.

  4. During non ratings the networks still make money from how well shows perform. It is only called non-ratings as the ratings during this time do not offically count towards the win for the year.

  5. This makes me sad…… it is such a great show, and totally addictive, especially when it comes to the celebrity specials. hope this doesnt affect the prospects of the Australian series being shown on a commercial network.

    Nine held onto Antiques Roadshow until it built up a fan base (albeit very small), but Seven took it off the screens well before word of mouth could get around.

  6. Thanks for the update, David. Very disappointed in this change but hopefully this show will get another chance maybe on 7TWO. But I think these programming changes from all the networks do raise the question, as I mentioned in the Lounge, what is the point of having a so-called non-ratings period if they are going to act the same way as they do during the ratings.

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