Love Actually, you have been warned…

Do we blame this one on Hugh being in Oz or just TEN on the movie repeat wash cycle again?

laDo we blame this one on Hugh being in Oz or just TEN on the movie repeat wash cycle again?

Either way Love, Actually is getting another screening, 8:30pm Friday January 22nd.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Then again, you kinda have to feel for TEN struggling to make a mark on Friday nights, maybe this family movie will do the trick. It does seem to have its fans.

Which side do you fall down on?

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  1. Great film but gawd TEN’s cupboard must be really empty.

    This was last aired in late 2009 and despite the fact that it’s been repeated thousands of times it actually rated into the high 800,000s IIRC, which is unheard of for TEN on a Friday.

  2. I’m a fan. I watched it last time it was on, which was just a few weeks ago in the lead up to Christmas. So, given the close proximity to the last airing I’ll probably pass on the next one. Maybe ten needs to get the rights to Notting Hill and Four Weddings, so they can throw them in mix along with About a Boy.

  3. @SC, not quite. Tis gunna be played in Janurary, which is not quite Christmas. (Point taken though. This is the same network that was going to show Jamie Oliver’s Christmas in Jan, so makes sense)

    Add Back to the Future, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got Mail & Zoolander to that list, and I’ll be happy. No need to repeat movies every 3-6 months. (Unless it replaces the infomercial block!)

  4. FYI – I have never seen this movie and don’t plan on seeing it, don’t know how I have managed to avoid all ten billion screenings but I have.

    For the love of god buy some new movies!!

  5. isn’t it a ‘Universal’ movie? shouldn’t it be on channel 7 instead now since they have rights to Universal movies. if they did that, Im sure 7 wouldn’t play it as much as 10. but maybe 10 just don’t wanna give it up just yet.

  6. At least they have a reason to play it this time. It is a great xmas movie.
    but there are so many other movies they should stop playing.

    About a Boy
    Billy Madison
    Happy Gilmore
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    Mr and Mrs Smith ( Ch 9 )

  7. I like it as a movie, it is a good watch but that doesn’t mean I will watch it every 2 months, in fact I never watch it on 10, have it on dvd and rarely brake it out simply out of disgust with 10 repeating it, it puts you off watching it.

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