Nine: 2010 Programme Launch

nine 2010Nine CEO David Gyngell, programmer Michael Healy and sales boss Peter Wiltshire today capped off their East Coast tour to media buyers of the 2010 slate for Channel Nine.

It included a showreel of titles including Underbelly, Winter Olympics, Top Gear, Hey Hey its Saturday, The Real Hustle, V, AFP, Community Wicked Love, and The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show. Nine also talked up the fact it will have four local dramas including Cops LAC, Sea Patrol, and Rescue: Special Ops.

Gyngell said in a statement, “I believe we are going into 2010 with the best line up in years. Nine’s Summer of Cricket, followed immediately by the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games is the ideal way to kick off what’s going to be a big year for the network with a powerful mix of exciting new programs both local and overseas, together with returning favourites. Our focus is on variety and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy, with shows like Hey Hey, The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show and Top Gear to name just a few.”

Amongst some of the surprises was the return of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, This is Your Life with a new, unnamed host, and even the return of the National IQ Test.

Here are the shows as supplied by Nine:


· Underbelly – The Golden Mile
The real story of how Australia’s most infamous playground turned into a deadly battlefield.

· Top Gear UK & Top Gear Australia
The show that holds the crown of the world’s most popular television program comes to Channel Nine in 2010. Seen in more than 100 countries with over 350 million viewers, Top Gear is the network’s number 1 acquisition and rightly so. Work is also underway on an exciting series of Australian made specials.

· The Real Hustle
There are a thousand ways you can be hustled. Using hidden cameras and a team of Aussie con artists, we expose Hustlers’ clever scams and tricks so you can beat them at their own game.
Presented by Gyton Grantley.

· Hey Hey It’s Saturday
The Aussie television institution is reborn after the two reunion specials rewrote the history books in 2009. Now with over 300,000 members on Facebook, the entertainment juggernaut has recaptured the hearts and minds of viewers all around Australia. Bouncing into the new millennium with a series of exciting new shows, this year’s number one live entertainment show will return in 2010.

· V
The visitors are coming to every major city on earth, including ours. The new drama that attracted 14 million U.S. viewers.

· AFP (Australian Federal Police)
For the first time ever, the AFP reveals it’s most heavily guarded secrets and investigations in a compelling new series. Across 30 countries and forty series, on guard against crime in Australia and across the world, see the work of our national police force unfold before your eyes.

· Wicked Love – The Maria Korp Story starring Rebecca Gibney & Vince Colosimo
For the first time, the gripping suburban thriller comes to television starring two of Australia’s leading actors. Behind the shocking headlines, the true story of how an explosive love triangle got out of control and became one of our most notorious criminal cases.

· The Middle – Hit US Sitcom starring Patricia Heaton
Average rules! Everybody Loves Raymond’s Patricia Heaton brings her outrageously hilarious new family to television in a wickedly different observational series about modern life.

· Human Target – thrilling new US series
A mysterious security agent for hire assumes different identities, at times literally becoming a human target on behalf of his clients. Using the popular DC Comics title as a springboard for riveting and intelligent action and adventure, this is a thrill ride with no clear boundaries.

· Past Life – new US drama
A groundbreaking new drama that takes us into the lives of people flooded with memories of the past, memories that can’t be explained and are not their own.

· The Forgotten – new US drama starring Christian Slater
Every year, there are countless unidentified victims of murder. When the authorities have all but given up, a team of ordinary citizens take up the cause to find the truth. Follow their fascinating journey in a new series where unsolved murders will not be laid to rest.

· Who Do You Think You Are
Hollywood’s A list delve into their family history and discover the fascinating lives of their forebears. Who Do You Think You Are will feature Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon and Lisa Kudrow with more big names still to come.

· The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show
Bringing up kids has never seemed more difficult with all the rules, regulations and judgments modern society places on parenting. Now, clinical psychologist Nigel Latter brings his unique brand of humour to Australia, to lead us through the maze of tactics to keep the little tackers at bay. Presented with tongue firmly in cheek, this is a series that will debunk the myths and have Mums and Dads rediscover that tried and true methods are often the best.

· Survivor – Heroes Vs Villains
The original reality juggernaut is gathering the most memorable Survivors from past series for a special event series.

· Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
One of our most successful gameshows returns with a new multigenerational twist. Kids, can they rise to the top and claim a win for their school? Big cash is on offer as their family watches on. All the lifelines are back as we send kids into the hot seat in the first of a series of Millionaire Special Events.

· Send in the Dogs
A new factual series that follows trained canines at the forefront of crime.

· Community – US comedy starring Chevy Chase
A failed college graduate returns to school and joins a study group of misfits with very different priorities. From the producers of Scrubs and Arrested Development comes a new comedy that challenges the traditional sitcom values with a unique take on lighthearted humour.

· Romantically Challenged
New series about dating in the modern age, starring Alyssa Milano and Australia’s Josh Lawson.

· You’re Nicked
The most incredible real crimes ever caught on camera. From police chases to CCTV and security dramas, You’re Nicked gathers sensational footage showcasing the most compelling situations that unfold in daily life.

· Gordon’s Great Escapes
Experience the lighter side of the world’s most famous chef as he travels abroad to experience the culinary delights of different cultures. A worldwide tour of gastronomic discovery, this is Gordon unplugged and reborn.

· Extraordinary Stories
You won’t believe how bizarre people can be. We discover the craziest and most unbelievable stories on earth.

· Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand
Aussies caught with no help in a foreign land. Follow their journeys as it happens as they try to escape from a world they can’t understand.

· Big
Share intimate stories as clinically obese and overweight people seek to reinvent themselves and regain their former selves. With help from doctors, dieticians and fitness experts, this is not a reality competition, but a journey over months to take charge and slim down.

· Arranged Marriage
Where loved ones help lonely people find the perfect match for the partnership of a lifetime.

Returning Shows
· Sea Patrol 4
· Rescue Special Ops 2
· Farmer Wants a Wife 5
· The Big Bang Theory
· Random Acts of Kindness
· Amazing Medical Stories
· CSI Miami
· Whose Line is it Anyway
· Money for Jam
· What’s Good for You
· Flashpoint
· Kitchen Nightmares
· Test Australia – The National IQ Test

Special Events
· Twenty20
· Winter Olympic Games Vancouver 2010
· Oscars
· 2010 TV Week Logie Awards
· NRL State of Origin
· Wimbledon
· Rugby League Four Nations
· EJ Whitten Legends Game
· Australian Masters Golf
· AFI Awards
· 2011 Rugby Union World Cup
· NRL Finals Series
· 2010 Ashes Series

· Summer of Cricket
· 2012 London Olympics

Returning Favourites
· Today
· 60 Minutes
· A Current Affair
· Nine News
· Hot Seat
· 20 to One
· Getaway
· Domestic Blitz
· This is Your Life
· Australia’s Funniest Home Videos
· Mornings with Kerri-Anne
· The Ellen DeGeneres Show
· The View
· The AFL Footy Show
· The NRL Footy Show
· Wide World of Sports

Not all titles included in the launch are on this list. More stories to come….


  1. @Michael: The smart move is if they took the full 60 minute version and aired it over 90 minutes. They still get their ads, and that’s 90 minutes of guaranteed high ratings (plus they’ll get some goodwill from loyal viewers).

  2. Beckala (5:55pm),

    Nine aired every Drew Carey hosted ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ every weekday morning at 5am during 2000 & 2001. I understand if you missed it…

  3. I know its not ch 9 fault with the staggered release of episodes for V and the UK top gear I think will be bad because the editing. I think sbs showed a 50 or 48 min version and ch 9 will have to cut it to 42 to fit ads.

  4. I think Nine should try a second Test Australia program, how’s about Test Australia: The National Money Test? How it works, is that it tests your fiscal skills, and some basic problem solving.

  5. id put top gear on tuesday nights and the hey hey 10-15 ep ”specials” on monday night 7:30-9:30, because all of seven’s usa shows decrease each year, this is the chance where nine can still the audience and top gear on tuesdays because they always struggle and that show pulls the viewers not really affected so much on the lead in

  6. any word / ideas on who the topgear australia hosts might be?

    You can bump a Lot of those shows off the list – because in all fairness, we know 2.5 men will replace them after a week or 2. V is a show im kinnnnnda looking forward to, but i know it’ll get no love on 9.

  7. On paper it looks like a good schedule however it doesnt always go to plan. I expect to continue to see 10-15 episodes a week of Two and A Half Men. Its crazy but its Nine we are talking about.

    V is a pretty good series so far. Although the 4th episode of the arc was disappointing. Wont say any more.

    However despite this program schedule i have seen a glimpse of what Seven has to counter act it and they are pretty good too. TEN also have some great series coming. I think its going to be a close year but i still see Seven as the #1 at the end of it despite Nine and TEN having the Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

  8. Monday – 2 1/2 men + CSI
    Tuesday – 5 men + CSI Tokyo
    Wednesday – 2 1/2 men + CSI Miami
    Thursday 7 1/2 mn + CSI Mega intra-city marathon
    Friday – 2 1/2 men + CSI meets 2 1/2 men

    At least they are retuning Sale of the Century/Temptation and Price is Right, oh wait…

    This could easily be the 2009 line-up and we’d all be equally as impressed.

  9. So with TGA it sounds more like they will have a series of specials rather than a 8 eps series which viewers might get board with over 2 months, this might actually be a good move. Maybe the Specials can be 2 hours (90min without ads) so they are worth it?

    Apart from that there is nothing much else that interests me or I’ve already seen it.

  10. Wow looks like a great year on Nine!

    Being a bit of a believer in reincarnation I’m particularly looking forward to Past Life but also Gordon’s Great Escapes. When he isn’t screaming and swearing Gordo can be quite charming and entertaining!

    V looks pretty good as well.

  11. “Not all titles included in the launch are on this list. More stories to come….” what’s the point of having a programme launch if your not going to list of the programs.

  12. nine are so use to playing around with their schedule that they think they have the power to reschedule the 2012 Olympics and the 2011 rugby world cup lol

  13. “Australian specials”? I don’t know if I’m reading this the wrong way, but David, will Top Gear: Australia still exist in a series format, or is it being relegated to being a bunch of specials?

  14. Ok, looks good, a bit heavy on the cop type show but thats has become a format that I personally don’t dig anymore.

    The only real odditty is listing next years Logies as a Special Event. Now I know they don’t mean special as in good so I guess they mean it like it’s 9’s “special” kid !

  15. I don’t really take these Nine programme launches seriously….they never show half of the promised new shows, and end up showing extra repeats of 2.5 Men or 20 To 1…or they might come up with an unexpected hit mid-year that dwarfs the rest of the schedule (this has happened recently, with the Hey Hey Specials this year, and WipeOut last year)

    Some programming notes and queries:
    *Will The Real Hustle be an Aussie version, or the UK version with Gyton’s v/o (a la Customs)?
    *Whose Line Is It Anyway? Didn’t that show finish 5 years ago?
    *Two And A Half Men wasn’t listed in the returning shows…neither was Ladette To Lady
    *How come Commercial Breakdown isn’t listed in the returning shows section? It always comes back as a schedule filler one way or another.

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