November 09: Rove, Roscoe, Rafters and 7TWO

Farewell to Rove, Ian Ross, The Einstein Factor, Sunday Arts, hello to a new Rafters baby, 7TWO and a bunch of new reality winners.



7TWO is on the air
Toby quits Idol
A Prime concern: where is 7TWO?

Gone: The Spearman Experiment
‘Junglist’ ready to move on
Austar offers MyStar HD
SBS: Top Gear loss “not the be-all and end-all”
The Rafters Wedding
rafters wedding

2.6m stop for the Cup
Community TV wins digital breakthrough
Murphy Brown reunion
Ally McBeal reunion
PJ sings for Don
Matthew Johns’ contract expires
Matt Passmore lands (another) US lead
NZ axes Dancing with the Stars
‘Roscoe’ calls it quits
Merrick and Rosso ending radio gig
Jonathan Holmes: “Pwned!”


Animation company under union alert
Martin Place building evacuated
New cop drama for Nine
Axed: Dollhouse
Hank gets yanked
7TWO hopes for original content
FOX Sports renews Premier League to 2013
Kid’s Choice Awards: Rove, MasterChef, iCarly


Melbourne Studios too expensive
New Pay channels on the air
Rove quits TEN show
“You Blogged. We Listened.”
Benaud plays on with Nine’s cricket
Footy Show settles defamation case
Regional networks reject ‘blackspot’ plan
Nine News drops Grant Hackett
Community TV calls for production funding
SBS sinks to 3.4%
Matthew Johns pitches formats
Ben Elton apologises after GNW ‘rant’
Heather Locklear barely boosts Melrose
Delays on Humphrey’s future
Farewell Einstein Factor

Peter Cundall arrested in pulp mill protest
$70m for ABC Drama
Mark Bouris keen for more Apprentice
Oprah to quit long running talk show
The last Sunday Arts
Ettamogah denies financial problems
Stan crowned Australian Idol


Sunday Night’s scalp on SA Premier
Review with Myles Barlow gets a sequel
Rann to sue over ‘ridiculous’ Sunday Night story
Morello wins The Apprentice


Maggie T announces final series
Adam Lambert kiss “double standard”
PS3 adds iView, Freeview
So long, Earl.
Neighbours spruces up backlot
Can We Help? dumps studio format for 2010
Rafters finale tops 2m
WIN dumps local ACA format and returns to Tracy Grimshaw
Eamon Sullivan named Celebrity MasterChef


Concern for Jeanne Little
Cybershack host severs finger
Jeremy and Emma win Beauty & the Geek
Nine Adelaide drops Kelly Nestor
Seven dominates Walkley Awards
Underbelly ads too hot for ‘G’ timeslot
“Thanks for your company,” Roscoe…


Foxtel to axe Ovation Channel
New SBS Arts channel to replace Ovation
Industry questions ABC3 deals
Wipeout wipes out Fifth Grader
ACMA slaps News bulletins over Sudanese story
Second season for Tangle



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  1. The presenters on 7pm think they are a lot funnier that they actually are. Rove has never uttered a single comedic phrase ever, the guy has the humor of a thirteen year old girl, ruins every interview with his own pathetic agenda to try and be funny, for christ sake, don’t let him on the 7pm project, we’ve all had just about enough his ‘David Letterman’ type delivery style. The guy has balls, confidence to spare, and tickets on himself, but no talent. Hughesy…quit the show bud before your tarnished with the same filthy brush, keep it real.

  2. are u kiddin goonies! 7pm project is the biggest piece of crap on tv atm and every host on the show is brain dead and boring as hell, atleast rove took the p**s out of himself which was funny.

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