Airdate: Big Love

Well here’s a bit of a surprise….

Showcase is picking up Big Love.

That’s Big Love that has already aired on SBS (where S3 is currently airing).

The top-notch series will begin 8:30pm Fridays from March 26 with S1E1.

While much of Pay TV is built around network shows that have already aired on Free to Air, it generally likes to swoop on the HBO and Showtime dramas first. In any case if you were a latecomer, or indeed haven’t started with the show, it’s a great opportunity to begin from the start.

It will air as double episodes on Friday nights.


  1. That’s good showcase is showing it. I just have 1 complaint about foxtel Please stop bombarding us with Vancouver Olympic games promo’s it’s becoming a joke watching foxtel. They have also put a vancouver olympic games watermark on the top left hand side of each foxtel channel. Comedy channel, 111 hits, fox 8 just to name a few that have this watermark on the screen.

  2. It’s a great drama, the Showcase viewers are in for a real treat. I have the first 2 series’ on DVD and it really stands up, there’s a lot in it.

  3. It think this is a good move for showcase and fox foxtel because viewers can now see it ad free, But like others showcase should of picked this up when it first started before SBS

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