Airdate: World Football News

Move over SBS, ONE has a new weekly football show coming, set to feature Socceroos, A-League and world football.

World Football News will air at 10pm on the eastern seaboard from Monday February 8th on ONE.

Former SKY Sports News and BBC journalist Chris Bailey will host the one-hour panel show, covering games and news on matches around the world.

It will feature interviews with key players, coaches and members of the world football community.

“All the leagues will come under the spotlight, depending on what is the major news of the week,” TEN program manager of sport Gus Seebeck told football website FourFourTwo.

Timed to capitalise on interest in the Socceroos’ road to the World Cup, it is hoped to continue after the international event.

ONE already airs local show Thursday Night Live, One Week at a Time, The Pro Shop as well as Sports Tonight.

Source: FourFourTwo


  1. yay , cant wait till its on in Feb, and can someone help me with the times, i live in WA and since its on at 10pm in Melbourne and Sydney or whatever , what time would it be here , 8pm maybe

  2. Glad ONE listened to their viewers and got some Football content. Now all we need is to improve the quality of content.

    I was a little dissapointed when they are showing classic FA Cup but no live stuff from this years competition.

  3. @ Jed
    It will follow Sports Tonight… so whatever time you get ST, WFN will follow it.

    @ Sean M
    Not only weekly German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A matches, but separate weekly highlights shows to accompany those leagues. ONE also broadcasts English FA Cup classic matches and they also aired the recent FIFA Club World Cup in its entirety and all live too. Ten/ONE seem to be taking Football seriously, which is great! I’m definitely not complaining.

  4. @Richard W: actually makes sense because viewing on ONE actually increases when the main channels wind up their peak programming. Plus it also means that it will be seen earlier in SA and WA due to the timezone differences

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