iCarly: iGo to Australia

While visiting the 2009 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Miranda Cosgrove took time to visit Sydney Harbour and record some introductory links for a week-long special of her all-time favourite iCarly episodes.

They will air on Nickelodeon at 5:30pm Monday February 1 to Friday February 5.

Monday February 1 at 5:30pm

iGo to Japan: iCarly gets invited to Japan to compete at the iWeb Awards – an international competition showcasing the best on the internet. After a bumpy flight and an unscheduled sky-dive, Carly and the gang befriend the hosts of a rival Japanese web show. Things turn sour when their new Japanese “friends” try to keep iCarly out of the competition. Lost in a foreign land, Carly, Sam, and Freddie have to make their way to the iWeb Awards and expose their kidnappers.

Tuesday February 2 at 5.30pm

iMeet Fred: When Carly, Sam, and Freddie offend an internet video sensation named Fred, he tries to convince his viewers to never watch iCarly again. Meanwhile, Spencer makes all his decisions by consulting a Magic Meatball.

iRocked the Vote: Carly, Sam, and Freddie urge the iCarly fans to vote David Archuleta (American Idol, season 7) to victory on America Sings, but then they feel bad for the runner-up and help him make a music video. Meanwhile, Sam teaches Spencer how to lie like a pro.

Wednesday Feb 3rd 5.30pm

iDated a Bad Boy: When Carly discovers that her “bad boy” boyfriend Griffin collects Pee Wee Babies, she must decide if she can handle dating a guy who has a plush toy collection. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to help Sam banish her bad dreams.

Thursday Feb 4th 5.30pm

iFight Shelby Marx – starring Victoria Justice: When Carly jokes on the web show that she can beat Shelby Marx, the best female fighter in the world, Shelby challenges Carly to an exhibition match – which inadvertently becomes a serious showdown! Meanwhile, Spencer experiences hilarious side effects from a new allergy medication.

Friday Feb 5th 5.30pm

iTake on Dingo: When Carly, Sam, and Freddie find out that a TV show on the Dingo Channel has been copying material from iCarly, the three of them and Spencer go to Los Angeles to confront the writers of the show. As Carly and Sam deal with the writers, Spencer and Freddie try to find the frozen head of the founder of Dingo Studios, which is rumoured to be hidden in the bowels of the studio.

iMust Have Locker 239: The best locker in the school is finally available to whoever guesses the right amount of fatcakes in a tube. Sam and Freddie both win the contest and are forced to share the same locker. How will this test their friendship?

Cosgrove will also appear in Nick’s Valentine’s Day mini-marathon on February 13 from 6.00pm, Kisses and Misses.


  1. Alexia Ralevski

    Hi guys, my name is alexia and i am 6 years old. carly, sam, Freddie, you are the best and spencer is funny. my biggest wish would be to go on your show because i know i will have great fun with you. I watch your show every night and i love to read the 2 books i bought of your show.

    love from Alexia

  2. Hi Carly,Sam,Freddy and Spencer we are big fans of you hilarius people.Our names are Eli,Tiyanna and Noah.We always watch your show and our fav part is when Sam gets her butter sock and wacks the dingo channel people around.Love you.

  3. Can David ask Nivckelodeon Australia on whether their logo will change to the new Nickelodeon logo, that was unveiled in the States back in late September 2009?

  4. hi my name is lilly i love all fopr your shows i even love freddie sam and you are you gest coming to australia by your self of with sam and freddie i love all of the Fread videos

    fromm lilly :p

  5. i love you sam,carly and freddy i wish i can meet you i live in australia and i am 12 years old can you tell me how old you are bye.And i watch i carly every day i am your number 1 fan if my dad changes the channel and i carlys on i would nearly cry.

  6. We have already had a dud lead, (Wikipedia suggesting January 1, but the splat is still here) Now Wiki suggesting February alongside Nick UK… I’d just like a straight, official answer from Nick, just so viewers aren’t left hanging like Discovery’s rebrand, which took forever…

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