Kate Ritchie for Cops LAC

Last November this site scooped the news on Nine’s new police drama Cops LAC (Local Area Command) for 2010.

And it was then that I threw the name Kate Ritchie into the ring as an obvious name for casting.

Today the Daily Telegraph says she has just finalised a contract with Nine to do just that, in a return to acting after concluding her Nova radio gig.

“It was Underbelly‘s fault,” she tells Woman’s Day, out today. “It felt so good and comfortable (being on set). It’s nice to be working with a new ‘family’.”

Assuming nothing has changed from early scripts, here’s more details on the role Ritchie is likely to be taking:

Senior Constable Roxanne Perez
Roxanne is twenty seven and is a third generation police officer – her father and grandfather were both cops. Roxanne has never really wanted to do anything else apart from be a police officer. She used to beg her father to let her ride around in the back of the police car, just so that she could imagine herself doing what he did. Perhaps it is in her blood. It goes without saying that her family – and especially her dad and granddad – are very proud of her indeed. Roxanne is intelligent, witty and sassy. A risk taker. She is also the most ambitious cop in the LAC. She has her eyes firmly set on becoming a detective and, after that, an elite Crime Manager and investigator. And, if her determination is any indicator, she will get what she wants in record time.


  1. Terri – I totally agree with you!, we should be supporting aussie drama….the rest if you are a pack of whiners!….and as for Kate, its great she is coming back to our screens….she won 2 gold logies remember so she cant be too bad!

  2. Kate Ritchie again???
    For Gods sake.
    This is why Aussie drama is crap.
    We really need some fresh talent, not the same re-hashed faces.
    Are NIDA, WAAPA, VCA and all the others not churning out actors by the hundred?

  3. David – you”re wrong. That is not the role Kate Ritchie will be playing. (Stop pretending you’ve read scripts for this new show.)

    As for the rest of the whingers, carpers and gossip mongers, how about getting behind local drama instead of bagging it. People who think Australian networks will make shows like Dexter, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under or Deadwood and screen them in prime time demonstrate their ignorance. Guess what? Those shows aren’t shown in prime time on free-to-air television in the USA either. You know what is shown during prime time? Cop shows. Yep, Cop Shows. And lots of ’em. Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist blah, blah, blah. The fact that Australian audiences also like Australian cops shows is demonstrated by more than thirty years of ratings success so stop whinging. If you don’t like it, get a Foxtel subscription and don’t watch.

  4. @ Cliff, Well put I agree. We don’t need yet another Police type show.
    Ch9 has no idea or imagination as to what the viewer is looking for.

    As for Kate Ritchie being the star then its a definite No for me as I don’t find her a convincing actress, however she seems to manage to get into the magazines quite often.

  5. The only decent local cop show is East West 101. It’s slick, smart and has balls. The cast is unlike any other Aussie show and really knows what it wants to be in tone and look.

    As for “Our” Kate, well look, let her have a crack. It’s too bad it has to be a run of the mill Nine Network cop show (The Strip), but least she’ll be able to get a good few TV Week covers out of it.

    I’m a fan of Aussie drama, but there are only a few that have the writing behind it (Love My Way is a stand out). It seems Nine keep delivering us the same character types. Rescue Special Ops Gigi Edgley’s character is basically a tomboy who has beauty but can rough it with the boys, just like Vanessa Gray’s character in The Strip, just like Lisa McCune’s character in Sea Patrol. Nine will never break out of this mode, hoping that something’ll stick.

    I mean look, if instead of Cops LAC it was Doctors LAC, well, I think everyone would be more receptive as at the moment there isnt a hospital drama going at the moment. If Cops LAC sinks and they pull the season half way through hopefully it’ll be the wake up call they need. We’ve had cops, we’ve got robbers (Underbelly), and we’ve had our share of doctors. If you want a procedural thing try lawyers, social workers or something different.

    Or have a crack at a purely relationship drama, be it a family, a group of twentysomethings or something similar….

  6. The only new police show I want to see is “Police Cops”. Failing that “Badge Patrol” about some high tech police bages that solve crime (both referrals to the classic Simpson’s episode)…

  7. again – great to see her in a non-sally fletcher role – but this show really doesn’t sound appealing at all…..it’s too “safe” – another crime procedural – just what we needed (urrrrgh).

  8. We like Kate Richie. Everyone does.

    But please, no!
    Not another cop/crime procedural.

    She could be wonderful in an Aussie take on something like Desperate Housewives, or Dexter – you know, something edgy that could take on Rafters.

    Where is the imagination in Australian television today? Prisoner was an inspired decision by 0/10 at the time, and look at the following it still has today – the DVD sales alone would keep many people in paychecks.

  9. This is another Southern Star John Edwards drama. He seems to be everywhere at the moment – Rush,Tangle & Offspring. Any word yet on whether Offspring is going to be a series or a one-off?

  10. this show sounds like such a drag, but kate ritchie is a good scoop.

    a commercial network has not brought up a drama that sounds remotely interesting to me for years. that claudia carvan spirited show that 9 was going to do was the exception but now that’s going to foxtel.

  11. Great news that Kate will be back on our tv screens,shes very talented woman and im sure she will have long career.Looking foward too hearing more about Nines new cop drama,we need more aussie drama shows

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